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@echo Building/Installing R
cd src; make install
docs: build-docs
help: build-help
html: build-html
latex: build-latex
build-docs build-help build-latex build-html test-Examples:
@cd etc; make $@
tests: test-Examples
@echo "Patches? Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!"
clean: acclean
@echo "Cleaning at top level"
@cd demos/dynload; make clean
@echo "Cleaning ./etc/"; cd etc; make clean
@echo "Cleaning the source tree"; cd src; make clean
@echo cleaning configure files
@rm -f config.cache config.log config.status
realclean: distclean
distclean: acclean
@echo cleaning at top level
@rm -f Makefile
@-rm -f bin/R*
@-rm -rf `echo library/* | sed 's@library/CVS *@@'`
@-rm -f doc/manual/pkg-*
@cd demos/dynload; make realclean
@echo "Realcleaning ./etc"; cd etc; make realclean
@echo "Realcleaning the source tree"; cd src; make realclean
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