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<html><head><title>R: An Rd Regression Test</title>
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<table width="100%" summary="page for testit"><tr><td>testit</td><td align="right">R Documentation</td></tr></table>
<h2>An Rd Regression Test</h2>
\x \y %{}
foo(<VAR>x</VAR>, <VAR>y</VAR>)
<p>Escaped backslash <code>\x</code>.
<p>a link and one to a known destination:
<p>var in <VAR>text</VAR>.
<p><code>foo(<VAR>x</VAR>, <VAR>y</VAR>)</code>.
Escaped backslash \x.
var in \var{text}.
foo(\var{x}, \var{y}).
From gap: pedtodot.Rd -- n=split(m,par,"\034")
Yihui Xie's example:
foo(<VAR>x</VAR>, <VAR>y</VAR>)
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