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## ${R_HOME}/share/make/
all: $(SHLIB)
BASE = $(shell basename $(SHLIB) .dll)
## do it with explicit rules as packages might add dependencies to this target
## (attempts to do this GNUishly failed for parallel makes,
## but we do want the link targets echoed)
@if test "z$(OBJECTS)" != "z"; then \
if test -e "$(BASE)-win.def"; then \
echo $(SHLIB_LD) -shared $(DLLFLAGS) -o $@ $(BASE)-win.def $(OBJECTS) $(ALL_LIBS); \
$(SHLIB_LD) -shared $(DLLFLAGS) -o $@ $(BASE)-win.def $(OBJECTS) $(ALL_LIBS); \
else \
echo EXPORTS > tmp.def; \
$(NM) $^ | $(SED) -n $(SYMPAT) >> tmp.def; \
echo $(SHLIB_LD) -shared $(DLLFLAGS) -o $@ tmp.def $(OBJECTS) $(ALL_LIBS); \
$(SHLIB_LD) -shared $(DLLFLAGS) -o $@ tmp.def $(OBJECTS) $(ALL_LIBS); \
$(RM) tmp.def; \
fi \
.PHONY: all shlib-clean
@rm -f $(OBJECTS) symbols.rds
## FIXME: why not Rscript?
symbols.rds: $(OBJECTS)
@$(ECHO) "tools:::.shlib_objects_symbol_tables()" | \
$(R_HOME)/bin$(R_ARCH)/Rterm.exe --vanilla --slave --args $(OBJECTS)
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