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Basics: Basics
Basics|sysdata: Basic System Variables # != S
Basics|datasets: Datasets available by data() # != S
Basics|data: Environments, Scoping, Packages # ~= S
Basics|manip: Data Manipulation
Basics|attribute: Data Attributes
Basics|classes: Data Types (not OO)
Basics|classes|character: Character Data ("String") Operations
Basics|classes|complex: Complex Numbers
Basics|classes|category: Categorical Data
Basics|classes|NA: Missing Values # != S
Basics|list: Lists
Basics|chron: Dates and Times
Basics|package: Package Summaries
Graphics: Graphics
Graphics|aplot: Add to Existing Plot / internal plot
Graphics|dplot: Computations Related to Plotting
Graphics|hplot: High-Level Plots
Graphics|iplot: Interacting with Plots
Graphics|color: Color, Palettes etc
Graphics|dynamic: Dynamic Graphics
Graphics|device: Graphical Devices
Mathematics: Mathematics
Mathematics|array: Matrices and Arrays
Mathematics|array|algebra: Linear Algebra
Mathematics|arith: Basic Arithmetic and Sorting # != S
Mathematics|math: Mathematical Calculus etc # != S
Mathematics|logic: Logical Operators
Mathematics|optimize: Optimization
Mathematics|symbolmath: "Symbolic Math", as polynomials, fractions
Mathematics|graphs: Graphs (not graphics), i.e nodes&edges, e.g. dendrograms
Programming: Programming, Input/Ouput, and Miscellaneous
Programming|programming: Programming
Programming|programming|interface: Interfaces to Other Languages
Programming|IO: Input/output
Programming|IO|file: Input/Output Files
Programming|IO|connection: Input/Output Connections
Programming|IO|database: Interfaces to databases
Programming|iteration: Looping and Iteration
Programming|methods: Methods and Generic Functions
Programming|print: Printing
Programming|error: Error Handling
Programming|environment: Session Environment
Programming|internal: Internal Objects (not part of API)
Programming|utilities: Utilities
Programming|misc: Miscellaneous
Programming|documentation: Documentation
Programming|debugging: Debugging Tools
Statistics: Statistics
Statistics|datagen: Functions for generating data sets
Statistics|distribution: Probability Distributions and Random Numbers
Statistics|univar: simple univariate statistics # != S
Statistics|htest: Statistical Inference
Statistics|models: Statistical Models
Statistics|models|regression: Regression
Statistics|models|regression|nonlinear: Non-linear Regression # only?
Statistics|robust: Robust/Resistant Techniques
Statistics|design: Designed Experiments
Statistics|multivariate: Multivariate Techniques
Statistics|ts: Time Series
Statistics|survival: Survival Analysis
Statistics|nonparametric: Nonparametric Statistics # w/o 'smooth'
Statistics|smooth: Curve (and Surface) Smoothing
Statistics|smooth|loess: Loess Objects
Statistics|cluster: Clustering
Statistics|survey: Complex survey samples
Statistics|tree: Regression and Classification Trees
MASS: MASS (the book) uses
MASS|classif: Classification # package 'class'
MASS|neural: Neural Networks # package 'nnet'
MASS|spatial: Spatial Statistics # package 'spatial'
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