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The here was originally produced by gettextize, but has
since been modified extensively.
If you convert a C file for use with gettext, add it to and
then run
make update-po
to recreate R.pot and update the automated `translations'.
make update-pkg-po
updates the message catalogs for the C and R code in the standard packages,
uses msgmerge --update to update the translations and then re-makes the
compiled (.mo) files.
To do this for an individual standard package use
make pkgname.pkg-update
e.g. make grid.pkg-update.
To add a new translation, add the lang.po file to this directory and
add the language to LINGUAS. Hopefully 'make all R' (in the builddir,
if separate) will do the rest (create and install it as
required). For fuller manual control, use
msgfmt -c --statistics -o ll.po
to check and compile the translation, and
mkdir R_BUILD_DIR/share/locale/ll/LC_MESSAGES
cp R_BUILD_DIR/share/locale/ll/LC_MESSAGES/
to install it manually for testing.
Windows RGui translations
These are contained in RGui.pot, created by running 'make RGui.pot-update'.
It needs manual adjustment in 3 instances of 50%, 75% and 100% which are
not c-format.
Translations should be called RGui-ll.po for language 'll': such a file is
compiled by
msgfmt -c --statistics -o RGui-ll.po
To add a translation, add both the .po and .gmo files to the
RGUI-CATALOGS macro in it will then be automatically
To test a translation on Windows, use
cp ../share/locale/ll/LC_MESSAGES/
and then startup RGui.exe in an appropriate locale, or set LANGUAGE=ll
on the command line. (All RGui-*.gmo files will installed to the
right places when 'make -f' is run in this directory,
which is part of the main 'make' process.)
To re-make all the translations use 'make update-RGui', after updating
RGui.pot (see above).
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