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Authors of R.
R was initially written by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka of the
Statistics Department of the University of Auckland.
Since mid-1997 there has been a core group with write access to the R
source, currently consisting of
Douglas Bates
John Chambers
Peter Dalgaard
Seth Falcon
Robert Gentleman
Kurt Hornik
Stefano Iacus
Ross Ihaka
Friedrich Leisch
Uwe Ligges
Thomas Lumley
Martin Maechler
Duncan Murdoch
Paul Murrell
Martyn Plummer
Brian Ripley
Deepayan Sarkar
Duncan Temple Lang
Luke Tierney
Simon Urbanek
plus Heiner Schwarte up to October 1999 and Guido Masarotto up to June 2003.
Current R-core members can be contacted via email to
with name made up by replacing spaces by dots in the name listed above.