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TOOLS_DIR=`echo ${0} | sed 's%/[^/][^/]*$%%'`
(cd ${TOOLS_DIR}/..
maj=`sed 's/\([^ .]*\).\([^ ]*\) *\(.*\)/\1/' < VERSION`
min=`sed 's/\([^ .]*\).\([^ ]*\) *\(.*\)/\2/' < VERSION`
rev=`sed 's/\([^ .]*\).\([^ ]*\) *\(.*\)/\3/' < VERSION`
y=`cut -d/ -f1 < date-stamp`
m=`cut -d/ -f2 < date-stamp`
d=`cut -d/ -f3 < date-stamp`
echo "#define R_MAJOR \"${maj}\""
echo "#define R_MINOR \"${min}\""
echo "#define R_STATUS \"${rev}\""
echo "#define R_YEAR \"${y}\""
echo "#define R_MONTH \"${m}\""
echo "#define R_DAY \"${d}\"")
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