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R would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of these
people, who contributed by donating code, bug fixes and documentation:

Valerio Aimale, Thomas Baier, Roger Bivand, Ben Bolker, David Brahm,
Goran Brostrom, Patrick Burns, Vince Carey, Saikat DebRoy,
Brian D'Urso, Lyndon Drake, Dirk Eddelbuettel, Claus Ekstrom,
Sebastian Fischmeister, John Fox, Paul Gilbert, Yu Gong,
Gabor Grothendieck, Frank E Harrell Jr, Torsten Hothorn, Robert King,
Kjetil Kjernsmo, Roger Koenker, Philippe Lambert, Jan de Leeuw,
Uwe Ligges, Jim Lindsey, Patrick Lindsey, Catherine Loader,
Gordon Maclean, John Maindonald, David Meyer, Ei-ji Nakama,
Jens Oehlschaegel, Steve Oncley, Richard O'Keefe, Hubert Palme,
Roger D. Peng, Jose' C. Pinheiro, Tony Plate, Anthony Rossini,
Jonathan Rougier, Petr Savicky, Guenther Sawitzki, Marc Schwartz, Detlef Steuer,
Bill Simpson, Gordon Smyth, Adrian Trapletti, Terry Therneau,
Rolf Turner, Bill Venables, Gregory R. Warnes, Andreas Weingessel,
Morten Welinder, James Wettenhall, Simon Wood, and Achim Zeileis

The R Foundation may decide to give out <first.lastname>
email addresses to contributors to the R Project (even without making them
members of the R Foundation) when in the view of the R Foundation this
would help advance the R project.

The R Core Group, Roger Bivand, John Fox and Bill Venables are the
ordinary members of the R Foundation. In addition, Dirk Eddelbuettel,
Torsten Hothorn, Uwe Ligges, David Meyer, Deepayan Sarkar, Simon Wood,
and Achim Zeileis are also e-addressable by

Many more, too numerous to mention here, have contributed by sending bug
reports and suggesting various improvements.

Simon Davies whilst at the University of Auckland wrote the original
version of glm().

Julian Harris and Wing Kwong (Tiki) Wan whilst at the University of
Auckland assisted Ross Ihaka with the original Macintosh port.

R was inspired by the S environment which has been principally
developed by John Chambers, with substantial input from Douglas Bates,
Rick Becker, Bill Cleveland, Trevor Hastie, Daryl Pregibon and
Allan Wilks.

A special debt is owed to John Chambers who has graciously contributed
advice and encouragement in the early days of R and later became a
member of the core team.
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