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Translations were contributed by language translation teams.
Contributions we are aware of include:
da: Joe Dalton
de: Detlef Steuer, Uwe Ligges, Martin Maechler
fr: Philippe Grosjean, Frédéric Lehobey, Jean Thioulouse
it: Stefano Calza, Marcello Chiodi, Stefano M. Iacus, Daniele Medri,
Angelo Mineo, Stefano Pagnotta
ja: Nobuo Funao, Shigeru Mase, Shigenobu Aoki, Masafumi Okada
ko: park ui-il
nn: Karl Ove Hufthammer
pt_BR: Fernando Henrique Ferraz P. da Rosa, Cesar Henrique Torres,
Daniel Silva, Marcio Nicolau, Diogo Provete, Colin R Beasley
ru: Dmitri I. Gouliaev, Alexey Shipunov, Alexey Garkovenko
zh_CN: Fei Chen, Ronggui Huang
zh_TW: Wei-Lun Chao
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