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add basic docs for r62016

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  2. +6 −3 doc/manual/R-exts.texi
6 doc/NEWS.Rd
@@ -908,6 +908,12 @@
\item If a \code{.External} call is registered with a number of
arguments (other than \code{-1}), the number of arguments passed
is checked for each call (as for other foreign function calls).
+ \item It is now possible to write custom connection
+ implementations outside core R using \file{R_ext/Connections.h}.
+ Please note that the implementation of connections is still
+ considered internal and may change in the future (see the above
+ file for details).
9 doc/manual/R-exts.texi
@@ -11387,9 +11387,12 @@ The following headers are included by @file{R.h}:
The graphics systems are exposed in headers
@file{R_ext/GraphicsEngine.h}, @file{R_ext/GraphicsDevice.h} (which it
-includes) and @file{R_ext/QuartzDevice.h}. Some entry points from the
-@pkg{stats} package are in @file{R_ext/stats_package.h} (currently
-related to the internals of @code{nls} and @code{nlminb}).
+includes) and @file{R_ext/QuartzDevice.h}. Facilities for defining
+custom connection implementations are provided in
+@file{R_ext/Connections.h}, but make sure you consult the file before
+use. Some entry points from the @pkg{stats} package are in
+@file{R_ext/stats_package.h} (currently related to the internals of
+@code{nls} and @code{nlminb}).
@node Generic functions and methods, Linking GUIs and other front-ends to R, The R API, Top

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