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4 doc/manual/R-admin.texi
@@ -1224,6 +1224,10 @@ make check-all
for @code{check-devel} and @code{check-recommended}.
+If a test fails, there will almost always be a @file{/} file in
+the directory being checked (often @file{tests/Examples} or
+@file{tests}): examine the file to help pinpoint the problem.
@node Building the manuals, Building the Inno Setup installer, Checking the build, Building from source
@subsection Building the manuals
12 tests/README
@@ -1,17 +1,17 @@
There is a hierarchy of check targets:
-make check
+ make check
for all builders. If this works one can be reasonably happy R is working
and do `make install' (or the equivalent).
-make check-devel
+ make check-devel
for people changing the code: this runs things like the demos and
no-segfault which might be broken by code changes, and checks on the
documentation (effectively R CMD check on each of the base packages).
-make check-all
+ make check-all
runs all the checks, those in check-devel plus tests of the recommended
@@ -23,8 +23,12 @@ running these tests. For example, some of the tests on 'nlme' depend
on 'Hmisc', and there are a number of cross references from help page
to CRAN packages.
+If a check fails there will almost always be a file with
+the problematic output, so looking at the tail of that file should
+help pinpoint the problem.
- --- Historical Information ----
+ ---------- Historical Information -----------
In this directory, various tests on R are run automatically.
This is the recommended way to check if R has been built successfully on

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