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+Authors of R.
+R was initially written by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka of the
+Statistics Department of the University of Auckland.
+Since mid-1997 there has been a core group with write access to the R
+source, currently consisting of
+Douglas Bates <>
+John Chambers <>
+Peter Dalgaard <>
+Robert Gentleman <>
+Kurt Hornik <>
+Ross Ihaka <>
+Friedrich Leisch <>
+Thomas Lumley <>
+Martin Maechler <>
+Guido Masarotto <>
+Paul Murrell <>
+Brian Ripley <>
+Duncan Temple Lang <>
+Luke Tierney <>
+plus Heiner Schwarte up to October 1999.
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+R would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of these
+people, who contributed by donating code, bug fixes and documentation:
+Valerio Aimale
+Thomas Baier <>
+Ben Bolker
+G�ran Brostr�m <>
+Saikat DebRoy <>
+Lyndon Drake <>
+Paul Gilbert <>
+Robert King
+Philippe Lambert
+Patrick Lindsey
+Jim Lindsey <>
+Catherine Loader <>
+Gordon Maclean
+John Maindonald <>
+Jens Oehlschaegel-Akiyoshi <>
+Steve Oncley
+Richard Okeefe
+Hubert Palme
+Jose C. Pinheiro <jcp$>
+Martyn Plummer <>
+Jonathan Rougier <>
+Bill Simpson <>
+Adrian Trapletti <>
+Terry Therneau
+Bill Venables <William.Venables@cmis.CSIRO.AU>
+Gregory R. Warnes <>
+Andreas Weingessel <>
+Many more, too numerous to mention here, have contributed by sending bug
+reports and suggesting various improvements.
+A special debt is owed to John Chambers who has graciously contributed
+advice and encouragement in the early days of R and later became a
+member of the core team.

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