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4 doc/manual/R-exts.texi
@@ -7913,7 +7913,7 @@ support it, the path to the dynamic library can be hardcoded at install
time (which assumes that the location of package @pkg{packB} will not be
changed) nor the package updated to a changed API). On systems with the
@acronym{GNU} linker (e.g.@: Linux) and some others (e.g.@: OS X)
-this can be done by
+this can be done by e.g.@:
PKGB_PATH=`echo 'library(packB); cat(system.file("libs", package="packB"))' \
@@ -7967,7 +7967,7 @@ where it is by something like
PKGB_PATH=`echo 'library(packB); cat(system.file("libs", package="packB"))' \
| rterm --vanilla --slave`
@end example
Another possibility is to use an import library, shipping with package

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