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distclean should remove the lib directory

git-svn-id: 00db46b3-68df-0310-9c12-caf00c1e9a41
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1 parent 3990108 commit 7a48a55f47b3a7e656ddd199f8ac411a00c45c65 ripley committed Jun 28, 2004
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@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ clean:
distclean: clean
@(for d in $(SUBDIRS); do rsd="$${d} $${rsd}"; done; \
for d in $${rsd}; do (cd $${d} && $(MAKE) $@); done)
- -@rm -rf bin include library modules gnome
+ -@rm -rf bin include lib library modules gnome
-@rm -f Makeconf Makefile Makefile.bak Makefrag.* \
config.cache config.log config.status libtool
maintainer-clean: distclean

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