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Fix bad merge in r40978

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1 parent c38e08b commit ec8989aab0c3bed3ece6180053874afe2c53e06f murdoch committed Mar 31, 2007
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@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ menu.ttest2() in example package 'windlgs' was broken.
CHM help is now converted with support for the \encoding{} section.
+etc/Makeconf was being left out of builds of the installer.
R 2.4.1
@@ -129,8 +131,6 @@ It is possible to select (in MkRules) the type of debug symbol used,
and this now defaults to 'dwarf-2' (which is more efficient than the
previous default of 'stabs'). More parts of R are now built with debug
symbols when DEBUG=T.
-etc/Makeconf was being left out of builds of the installer.
The symbols in graphapp are now remapped to start with GA_, so any
code making use of graphapp will need to be recompiled.

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