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@@ -1464,16 +1464,16 @@ The front page of a @acronym{CRAN} site has a link `Download R for OS
X'. Click on that, then download the file @file{R-@value{VERSIONno}.pkg}
and install it. This runs on OS X 10.6 and later (Snow Leopard, Lion,
Mountain Lion, @dots{}); it is a 64-bit (@cputype{x86_64}) build which
-should run on all Macs from mid-2008 on.
+should run on all Macs from mid-2008 on. For older Intel Macs and some
+older versions of the OS you can install @R{} from the sources.
To install, just double-click on the icon of the file you downloaded.
Note that (X11-based) Tcl/Tk needs to be installed separately if needed,
from @uref{}, and for
Mountain Lion or later, XQuartz will also need to be installed to use Tk.
On Mountain Lion with `GateKeeper' active you may need to
-right/control-click on some of the packages (e.g.@: that for Tcl/Tk) and
-select @samp{Open}.
+right/control-click on some of the packages and select @samp{Open}.
This is an Apple Installer package. If you encounter any problem during
the installation, please check the Installer log by clicking on the
@@ -4280,7 +4280,10 @@ on earlier versions of OS X instead of the Apple version.
In principle @R{} can be built for 10.4.x, 10.5.x and for PowerPC Macs
but this has not been tested recently: 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is the
-earliest version currently tested.
+earliest version currently tested. 32-bit Intel builds of @R{} 3.0.0
+were tested: they would be needed for Snow Leopard running on very old
+machines with Core Solo or Core Duo CPUs. The instructions here
+concentrate on @cputype{x86_64} builds.
To use the @code{quartz()} graphics device you need to configure with
@option{--with-aqua} (which is the default): @code{quartz()} then
@@ -4337,8 +4340,9 @@ OBJC="clang"
Full names are not needed, but help to ensure that the intended
-compilers are used. And the recommended Fortran compiler defaults to
-32-bit, so @code{-arch x86_64} is needed.
+compilers are used. The recommended Fortran compiler defaults to
+32-bit, so @code{-arch x86_64} is needed. (For a 32-bit build, add
+@code{-arch i386} to all compiler commands.)
The OpenMP support in this version of @command{gcc} is problematic, so
the @acronym{CRAN} build is configured with @option{--disable-openmp}.
@@ -4361,13 +4365,6 @@ to provide higher-performance versions of the @acronym{BLAS} and LAPACK
routines. (Use of @code{Accelerate} with @option{--with-lapack} does
not work on Snow Leopard: it may work there without.)
-Recent compilers default to 64-bit, but some older ones default to
-32-bit. It may be necessary to explicitly specify the architecture as
-done for @command{gfortran-4.2} above.
-in @file{} or on the @command{configure} command line.
Looking at the top of
will show the compilers and configuration options used for the
@@ -4397,11 +4394,6 @@ required in @file{}, or you can use the @command{configure}
options @option{--x-includes=/usr/X11/include
-The versions of Xcode supplied for Snow Leopard contained usable C and
-C++ compilers. A matching @command{gfortran} can be installed from
-@uref{} (it needs to match the version
-of Xcode in use).
@node Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, OS X
@subsection Lion
@@ -4413,27 +4405,30 @@ Lion if XQuartz is in use.
The X11 system used with Mountain Lion will be XQuartz. To build the
graphics devices depending on cairographics the XQuartz path for
-@command{pkg-config} files (default @file{/opt/X11/lib/pkgconfig}) needs
-to be known to @command{pkg-config} when @command{configure} is run:
-this usually means adding it to the @env{PKG_CONFIG_PATH} environment
+@command{pkg-config} files needs to be known to @command{pkg-config}
+when @command{configure} is run: this usually means adding it to the
+@env{PKG_CONFIG_PATH} environment variable, e.g.
+export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/X11/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig
+@end example
@node Tcl/Tk headers and libraries, Java (OS X), Mountain Lion, OS X
@subsection Tcl/Tk headers and libraries
If you plan to use the @code{tcltk} package for @R{}, you need to
install a distribution of Tcl/Tk. There are two alternatives. If you
use @Rapp{} you will want to install
which is a binary package for the X11-based Tcl/Tk (as used on other
Unix-alikes). This may need
@end example
-and on a system with XQuartz, @file{} needed to be edited to
+and on a system with XQuartz, @file{/usr/local/lib/} needed
+to be edited to have
@end example

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