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drop mentioning data.frame method which has been deprecated for long and

finally defunct.  Thanks to David Winsemius

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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
% File src/library/base/man/mean.Rd
% Part of the R package,
-% Copyright 1995-2010 R Core Team
+% Copyright 1995-2013 R Core Team
% Distributed under GPL 2 or later
@@ -15,9 +15,8 @@ mean(x, \dots)
\item{x}{An \R object. Currently there are methods for
numeric/logical vectors and \link[=Dates]{date},
- \link{date-time} and \link{time interval} objects, and for data
- frames all of whose columns have a method. Complex vectors are
- allowed for \code{trim = 0}, only.}
+ \link{date-time} and \link{time interval} objects. Complex vectors
+ are allowed for \code{trim = 0}, only.}
\item{trim}{the fraction (0 to 0.5) of observations to be
trimmed from each end of \code{x} before the mean is computed.
Values of trim outside that range are taken as the nearest endpoint.

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