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+This document concerns building and installing R from sources.
+Pre-made binaries are made available for some systems with varying
+regularity and can be obtained from CRAN (see the RESOURCES file).
R will configure and build under a number of common Unix platforms
including dec-alpha-osf, freebsd, hpux, linux-elf, sgi-irix, solaris,
and sunos. In general it is relatively easy to adapt R to new
platforms. See below for details.
+The simplest way is to download the most recent R-x.yy.z.tgz package,
+and unpack them with
+ tar xvfz R-x.yy.z.tgz
+on systems that have GNU tar installed. On other systems you need at
+least to have the "gzip" program installed. Then you can do
+ gzip -dc | tar xvf -
+If you need to transport the sources on floppy disks, you can download the
+R-x.yy.z.tgz-split.* files. and paste them together at the destination
+ cat R-x.yy.z.tgz-split.* > R-x.yy.z.tgz
+and proceed as above.
+Finally, for minor-minor releases (x.yy.z with z != 0), a patch
+against the preceding release is made available in
+R-x.yy.{z-1}-x.yy.z.diff.gz (e.g. R-0.63.2-0.63.3.diff.gz), which is
+generally a much shorter file that the .tgz files. Such a file can be
+applied to the sources of the previous version by changing to the top
+directory of it and
+ gzip -dc /path/to/it/R-x.yy.{z-1}-x.yy.z.diff.gz | patch -E -p1
+Notice that this does not necessarily work if the older sources have
+been modified (e.g. by building in their directories).

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