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The version of Rd.sty here uses url.sty. This is normally installed,
and can be obtained from any CTAN node or mirror: see

The Reference manual is made using the ae virtual fonts package. If
you do not have that available, you can get it from CTAN, or set the
macro AE, for example

	make AE=. dvi 

but the latin1 characters in text.Rd (and a few other places) will be
missing.  The ae font package provides a reasonable approximation.
You will get better rendition by using a Rd.cfg containing


BUT you cannot use t1 postscript fonts with that setting.

Support for making PDF versions of the manuals is currently
experimental.  You will need pdftex and the hyperref package (and ae,
see above).  Hyperref versions 6.56 and 6.67 are known to work.

For Windows builds you may need to alter the TEXINPUTS.  The examples
in work with fptex.
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