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NB: These instructions are only for R >= 2.16.0, and are under development.

There is only support for preparing translations on a Unix-alike as a
UTF-8 locale has to be used. (Apart from the RGui translations: see

If you convert a C file for use with gettext, add it to POTFILES in
this directory.


	make update-pkg-po

updates the message catalogs for the C and R code in the interpreter
and standard packages.  To update just one package, see
?tools::update-pkg-po .

If you add a package with messages that should be translated (hence
not 'datasets'), add it to R_PKGS_PO in po/  R-level
template catalogs (R-pkg.pot) are produced automatically by 'make
update-pkg-po' but for a C-level template catalog you need to touch
src/library/pkg/po/pkg.pot: only do so once some messages have been
marked for translation.

For package translations, add the [R-]lang.po files to the package's
po directory (and perhaps update THANKS in this directory).  Note that
translations for the interpreter itself are in

Note also tools::checkPoFiles().

R-core members: after updating translations, run

       make update-pkg-po update-RGui

and then commit the changes in the svn checkout.  See
?tools::make_translations_pkg for how to distribute updated

Windows RGui translations

These are contained in src/library/base/po/RGui.pot, and translations
should be called RGui-ll.po for language 'll'.

To re-make RGui.pot and all the translations use 'make update-RGui'
('make -f update-RGui' on Windows).

Adding translations to other packages

See 'Writing R Extensions'.

Subversion note

If you need to add a en@quot directory, the current incantation appears to be

svn add .../en@quot@

with a trailing @.
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