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Revision history for CPAN-Testers-WWW-Statistics
0.93 13/07/2011
- added more filters for 'no reports' in example config.
- update layout to include an update notification.
- added new social media bar
0.92 09/07/2011
- added filters for distros that should not appear in the 'no reports'
0.91 04/07/2011
- updated favicon links.
- added 'no report' functionality.
- made path to 01mailrc.txt a configurable parameter.
0.90 03/07/2011
- fixes to prevent blank oses being displayed in leaderboards.
- adjustments to postdates in leaderboards.
0.89 03/07/2011
- added matrix and stats calls, running sections of full stats run.
- storage read & write now methods.
- limit data updates to 1000000 records, to reduce memory consumption.
- more environment info passed to matrix list templates.
- changes to scripts to use new interface:
bin/cpanstats-writegraphs (v0.50)
bin/cpanstats-writepages (v0.50)
- major XHTML updates for WAI WCAG v2.0 compliance.
- reorganised links and names to be consistent across pages.
- restructured, to allow process to be called in stages.
- added terms & conditions page.
- changed storage method to mainstore and added leadstore for JSON data
storage files.
- updated tests.
- added missing method for the missing-in-action file path.
0.88 31/10/2010
- added further timestamp test pattern.
- fixed spelling mistake.
- reorganised stats storage.
- update {dists} from ixlatest table with each run.
- reworked {build} refresh to remember tallies correctly.
0.87 23/10/2010
- further domain patterns to ignore.
- bin/ (0.15).
- simplification of state lookups.
- reduced data held in memory.
- reduced lookup time by storing data with each run.
- added META.json.
- revised META files and prerequisites.
- revised pingtest.
0.86 26/09/2010
- added Metabase and Labyrinth links.
- repositioned site boxes to avoid text and logo clashing.
- added to examples to help rebuild
- added data/01mailrc.txt for testing purposes.
- broken WWW::Mechanize dropped in favour of basic LWP.
0.85 28/05/2010
- added missing.html for missing in action PAUSE accounts.
- extended the stats of cpan to provide milestones.
- bugfixes to find a tester feature.
0.84 20/04/2010
- fixed ranges() to return correct ranges for a range ending on or
after the current month, and ignore any that start on or after the
current month.
- fixed path of matrix output files.
- reinstated a doctored data/01mailrc.txt into distribution.
0.83 07/04/2010
- upgrade to cpanmail.cgi script to perform report ID and Metabase
GUID lookups by default. Still provides support for nntpid lookups if
called correct API.
- updated script (0.05).
- removed data/01mailrc.txt from distribution.
0.82 27/03/2010
- reworked _build_failure_rates()
0.81 08/03/2010
- added check feature to
- ignore BACKPAN only distributions in failure rates.
- Win32 fixes in tests.
- added recent failure rate tables.
0.80 06/02/2010
- fixes to stats2 graph data.
0.79 03/02/2010
- updates from live.
0.78 03/02/2010
- added support for new guid & type fields.
- implemented more efficient monthly stats calculations.
- fix for runaway osnames.
- matrix files named by platform/os and perl
0.77 18/01/2010
- added code and SQL to ignore invalid reports.
- added CSS files to MANIFEST.
0.76 07/01/2010
- added quote.html.
- added Analysis to site family lists.
- upped copyright date
- updated interesting stats page, removing references to posts to the
cpan-testers mailing list, now listing only report counts, and hiding
the ID link to actual report.
0.75 09/12/2009
- fixed skip test counts.
- added eval over get request in the event of timeout.
0.74 26/11/2009
- merged fixes from Alex Chorny (thanks Alex).
- added new percentage graph, at the suggestion of Slave J. Nilsen
0.73 01/11/2009
- further reorganisation to avoid losing DB connection
- fix to allow for counts that are set before main stats build.
- added header/total cells to left and bottom parts of all matrices.
0.72 26/10/2009
- moved DB process for submission rates earlier to avoid losing DB
0.71 26/10/2009
- added links for Excel downloads.
- added dashboard.
0.70 21/10/2009
- added functionality to use the new osname table.
- further work on matrices:
- added totals to X & Y axis
- sorted on Y axis values
- added wide format pages to each matrix
- slight reorganisation of failure tables.
- changed named anchors as some browsers don't rendering them
- added table for monthly OS counts.
0.69 18/10/2009
- hash passing depreciated in favour of object variables.
- distribution and reports matrices merged, now split between OS name
and platform name, then further split with all perls or official
perls, then split again based on last month, or from the first to
the most current.
- brought back colour variations to the matrices.
- added page anchor to raw data.
0.68 15/10/2009
- broke out functionality of _write_stats() into more manageable chunks
- further reduced SQL calls.
- added a schema file for all the tables in the cpanstats database in
- added functionality to handle daily graphs.
- added performance page and graph
- graphs and data files now created in a dedicated stats sub-directory.
- made raw data files available.
0.67 13/10/2009
- improvements to the layout of interesting stats page.
- moved from Class::Accessor::Chained::Fast to Class::Accessor::Fast
- improved processing logic for interesting stats, with a speed up of
over 20mins.
0.66 25/07/2009
- added stats and graphs about CPAN, including extra menu section.
0.65 06/06/2009
- removal of data files into the cpanstats-data package.
0.64 03/06/2009
- added attributions to HTML templates.
- fixed CSS issues for IE (thanks to JJ).
- rewrote (v0.14) to work with more recent codebase.
0.63 19/05/2009
- change to new layout design.
- new style graphs added.
- TOCOPY and RANGES added to configuration rather than hardcoded.
- removal of updates/blog aspect, which is now part of cpanblog site.
0.62 25/03/2009
- updated pre-requisites for test files.
0.61 24/03/2009
- template headers updated.
- added further release test file - 95changedate.t
- added further version tests to 94metatest.t
- updated cpanmail.cgi (v0.04) to use CPAN::Testers::Common::DBUtils
and a config file contain the database connection settings.
0.60 02/02/2009
- added sponsor message to templates/layout.html.
- added missing DBD dependencies.
0.59 30/01/2009
- updated (v0.13) to ignore further generic domains.
- updated test to ignore minor distro version changes.
- added missing Class::Accessor::Chained::Fast dependency.
0.58 26/01/2009
- added missing Config::IniFiles dependency.
0.57 25/01/2009
- reworked 56writes.t with a test version of the templates directory.
0.56 25/01/2009
- added new testers graph.
- removed and replaced with new prerequisite
- redesigned API so that now handles common code pieces.
- changes to scripts to use new interface:
bin/cpanstats-writegraphs (v0.49)
bin/cpanstats-writepages (v0.49)
- added new test suite
0.55 20/01/2009
- wording fix in interesting.html.
- URL fixes in templates.
0.54 12/01/2009
- updated (v0.12) to ignore further generic domains. Also
added ability to sort patterns, without including reversed strings.
- fix to previous month calculation when it's January (D'oh!).
- added postings to cpan-testers to the interesting stats page.
0.53 19/11/2008
- fixed template navigation links (thanks to Steffen Kaiser)
- cpanmail.cgi (0.03) fix to stop apache error log entries.
- added script name reference to warnings
- reduced length of request string to Google Graphs by only using the
first letter of every other month, and removing '000' and replacing
with 'k' to represent values of over 1000.
0.52 09/10/2008
- added interesting stats page (thanks to JJ for the suggestion)..
0.51 01/10/2008
- updated index template with correct links.
0.50 26/09/2008
- removed dependency of CPAN::WWW::Testers::Generator::Article from
cpanmail.cgi (v0.02) and used Email::Simple directly.
- fixed style sheet references in some templates.
- fixed a number of warnings about undefined values in numeric
- fixed XHTML errors in templates.
- fixed cpanmail.cgi to ignore non-numeric characters, this is
to ignore the 'msg' part if anyone enters that.
- added text to cpanmail.html giving examples of what the NNTP ID is.
0.49 18/09/2008
- amended bin/ (v0.11) to only check reports.
- added further domains in matching to be ignored
- switched to Sort::Versions rather than version
0.48 03/09/2008
- complete abstraction of scripts into modules.
- removal of cpanstats database scripts and code into
CPAN-WWW-Testers-Generator code base.
- added javascript dropdown to redirect to other sites.
- added script to grab 01mailrc.txt file.
- data files removed from the distribution, as they will have their own
release only from the stats site.
- changed all domains to the correct domains.
- added RSS feed creation code.
- added RRS Feed and Blog links to navigation.
- added Perl Community AdServer links
- First release to CPAN.
- consistently provided help|h and version|V options to all scripts:
bin/ (v0.10)
bin/cpanstats-writegraphs (v0.48)
bin/cpanstats-writepages (v0.48)
bin/ (v0.01)
0.47 18/08/2008
- allow database to be a command line option ( v0.47)
- added use of Getopt::ArgvFile.
- added Getopt dependencies.
- added more email => name translations.
- moved addresses.txt to ./data directory.
- moved (v0.10) to ./bin directory and updated paths.
0.46 05/08/2008
- fixed compressed database size display in (v0.46).
- removed current month stats from latest graphs (
0.45 04/08/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- added better domain detection in (v0.09).
- fixed database size display in (v0.45).
0.44 02/07/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- reordered address file.
- (v0.04) adds the facility to search for entries with
an empty string in the platform and perl fields by using a dash, '-'
as the value to the command line option.
- added nntpid select option to
- added support for Base64 encoded articles to (v0.11).
- updated index.html/updates.html in templates
0.43 26/06/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- bug fix to include 'edu', 'mil', and 'museum' as TLD in the address
searching script, (v0.08).
- favicon.ico added to the MANIFEST.
- minor syntax fix in (v0.13).
0.42 24/06/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- fixed bug in, where 'archname=' was being found in the
test report and not the perl -V output.
- fixed bug for printing HTML entities written in hex.
- fixed (v0.05) logging bug.
- date parsing now looks at the last date contained in the received
headers or the date header, in case bogus date stamps are given. (v0.10), and (0.12) updated.
- added (v0.01) tool to retrieve and view a complete
article, for one or more articles.
0.41 10/06/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- reworked due to memory consumption issues.
- extracted writegraphs out of into a separate script, (v0.01), in an attempt to reduce memory consumption.
- updated (v0.11) and (v0.04) to stop if no
article is returned.
- updated to write to the log file as per
- (v0.15) no longer stores the whole log file!
- changed and to use DBI iterators.
0.40 03/06/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- fixed spelling mistakes in updates.html.
- added CGI as a prerequisites for dynamic tools.
0.39 27/05/2008
- added Find A Tester CGI lookup facility.
0.38 15/05/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- fixed readstats.log (v0.14) to remove excessive newlines.
- updated to handle daily updates.
- added more automated calculations to the templates.
0.37 13/04/2008
- added more email => name translations.
- graphs now generated by Google Chart API.
- due to overwelling amount of data, graphs altered slightly.
- WWW::Mechanize replaces GD::Graph::lines as a dependency.
- fixed version sorting as suggested by Earle Martin.
0.36 03/03/2008
- added more email => name translations
- fixed to to correctly parse distributions such as
- fixed (v0.10), (v0.12) and
(v0.03) to correctly handle above type distributions
0.35 05/02/2008
- added more email => name translations
0.34 02/01/2008
- added more email => name translations
- (v0.09) now records better log information in order to
ease network confirmation for
- (v0.11) reworked to read cpanstats.log for as much info
as possible before having to revert to an NNTP lookup.
- now uses Getopt::ArgvFile to avoid updating the code,
thus there is a new configuration file added to the
- updated POD - (v0.03)
- platform option can now be a partial match - (v0.03)
- added (v0.02) to distribution
- ignore empty lines from input file - (v0.02)
0.33 02/11/2007
- added more email => name translations
- Don't re-encode an already HTML entity encoded testers name
0.32 02/10/2007
- added more email => name translations
- Added view of the spread of TLDs from tester addresses (
- Added updates page for previous news updates
- Added counts for source/target tester addresses
0.31 03/09/2007
- Added HTML::Entities to prerequisites in order to fix HTML entities
in tester names.
0.30 02/09/2007
- added index creation commands to (v0.08)
- added more email => name translations
- updated POD in (v0.10)
- added search feature to to list NNTP subjects directly
- added photo of Chris, Dave and Andreas to the index page :)
0.29 06/08/2007
- added more email => name translations
0.28 03/07/2007
- added more email => name translations
- updated index page to reference CPAN Testers Wiki
0.27 09/06/2007
- updates to and to match current server
- added more email => name translations
0.26 05/06/2007
- added to the distribution, which helps to update any
entries, which haven't been inserted correctly.
0.25 12/05/2007
- added Google Analytics code to layout template
0.24 04/05/2007
- added more email => name translations
- bad entries or parsing no longer recorded in the DB. This will
hopefully enable me to update some parts of the site on a more
regular basis ( v0.07)
- only print headings if we have something to report
( v0.08)
- updates to AUTHOR & COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE entries in POD
- updated to supply a distname from the commandline
- added monthly counts for Testers, Platforms & Perls pages
0.23 14/04/2007
- added a new stats matrix for distributions
- added click thru lists of distributions for the new matrix
- revamped the navigation
0.22 23/03/2007
- added more email => name translations
- added more general domains to ignore when mapping in
0.21 12/03/2007
- further changes to the Failure Counts page, to allow for more fields
and the ability to order by count or percentage.
0.20 10/03/2007
- added missing template (wdists.html) to MANIFEST
0.19 10/03/2007
- added more email => name translations
- added the script to help get quick results back from
the DB
- added the Failure Counts feature, following a suggestion from Adam
Kennedy. Note that it does not ignore duplicate reports
0.18 08/03/2007
- added more email => name translations
0.17 07/02/2007
- added more email => name translations
- address translation script modified to list only matched addresses
from a specified date
0.16 02/01/2007
- added more email => name translations
- increased graph sizes to be more readable
- changed code and templates to produce tabulated data output
- modified CSS for the above
0.15 01/12/2006
- added more email => name translations
- address translation script modified to include a (commented out)
line to show how to only search for recent postings
0.14 01/11/2006
- added more email => name translations
- fixed bug in address translation script
- added address translation script to distribution
0.13 09/10/2006
- added 100+ email => name translations
- changed way unmatched addresses are displayed on the website (to
help reduce any spam harvesting)
0.12 05/09/2006
- added more email => name translations
0.11 03/06/2006
- added more email => name translations
0.10 03/04/2006
- added more email => name translations
- extra graph - UPLOADS/FAIL/UNKNOWN
0.09 02/03/2006
- two bugs fixed in, firstly only decode Quoted Printable,
if it is, and secondly the platform in the subject was being parsed
- added more email => name translations
- addresses now in separate data file
0.08 19/02/2006
- added more email => name translations
- spelling & grammar fixes
0.07 18/02/2006
- added matrix page to statistics website
0.06 02/02/2006
- First public release
- more address to testers listed
- fixed HTML parsing for address strings with '<' in them
Prior versions were not recorded.