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display your git branches in an orderly manner
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    Git::Garden - display your git branches in an orderly manner

        perl bin/git-garden --help

        perl bin/git-garden --git_dir t/repos/test -t gnuplot
        firefox simple.png

        perl bin/git-garden --git_dir t/repos/test
        firefox simple.html

    Git::Garden is a project to graph git repositories in a manner that will
    allow display of them in various forms, be they direct images, ASCII or web

    This project is still in a heavy prototyping phase. The code is honestly
    quite crap right now, as i'm just throwing shit at the wall to see what
    sticks. The plan is to have a Git::Garden module that'll be handed a list of
    commit objects that are interconnected by way of ref and parent relations
    and then transforms that into a representation of a graph log as a
    two-dimensional grid array that can then be passed on to render objects.
    Just how that'll all go together is something i'm busy finding out right

    This project was started because Gitalist lacks a git log graph. It was
    forked off git-forest, which was investigatively dissected and then rebuilt
    with its ideas left intact, but the output radically transformed. The new
    log graphing algorithm was heavily inspired by QGit, but diverges in a few

    Patches are welcome, please feel free to fork on github and send pull
    requests, send patches from git format-patch to the bug tracker, or host
    your own copy of Git::Garden somewhere and ask us to pull from it.

    Christian Walde <>

    This is free software, licensed under:

      DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, December 2004
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