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A Perl implementation of the XML-RPC specification
Perl XProc
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RPC::XML - An implementation of XML-RPC

Version: 0.65


The RPC::XML package is an implementation of XML-RPC. The module provides
classes for sample client and server implementations, a server designed as an
Apache location-handler, and a suite of data-manipulation classes that are
used by them.


There are not any pre-packaged executables in this distribution (except for a
utility tool). Client usage will usually be along the lines of:

    use RPC::XML::Client;
    my $client = new RPC::XML::Client
    my $req = RPC::XML::request->new('meerkat.getChannelsBySubstring', 'perl');
    my $res = $client->send_request($req);
    # This returns an object of the RPC::XML::response class. This double-call
    # of value() first gets a RPC::XML::* data object from the response, then
    # the actual data from it:
    my $value = $res->value->value;

Running a simple server is not much more involved:

    use RPC::XML::Server;
    my $srv = new RPC::XML::Server (host => 'localhost',
                                    port => 9000);
    # You would then use $srv->add_method to add some remotely-callable code
    $srv->accept_loop; # Stays in an accept/connect loop


This package is set up to configure and build like a typical Perl extension.
To build:

        perl Makefile.PL
        make && make test

If RPC::XML passes all tests, then:

        make install

You may need super-user access to install.


Please send any reports of problems or bugs to


The Artistic 2.0:
The LGPL 2.1:


* etc/make_method
* etc/rpc-method.dtd
* lib/RPC/XML/
* t/30_method.t
* t/35_namespaces.t (added)
* t/namespace1.xpl (added)
* t/namespace2.xpl (added)
* t/namespace3.xpl (added)
Support for declaration of namespaces in XPL code. Adds a new   
test suite and includes a rewrite/update of the method tests.   
Change also covers the make_method tool and the DTD for XPL     

* lib/RPC/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* t/02_pod_coverage.t
Interim fix for encoding issues, prior to the mega-encoding     
work. This makes the library correctly create octet-based       
messages, rather than letting UTF-8 leak in if it was passed in 

* lib/Apache/RPC/
* lib/RPC/
* lib/RPC/XML/
Follow-up to previous commit, some serialization-related        
problems. Not all instances of bytelength() had been removed    
after the previous slate of changes, and once that was done     
some tests in 15_serialize.t broke.                             

* lib/RPC/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* t/12_nil.t (added)
* t/30_method.t
RT #34132: Based on a patch from the requestor, added support   
for <nil/>. Documentation and tests are present, but a little   
sparse. This change also incorporates a small add to            
lib/RPC/XML/ to address RT #42033.                     

* t/40_server.t
* t/41_server_hang.t
RT #27778: Fix problems with child-process management on        
Windows that was causing t/40_server.t to hang during test      
runs. Also put skip-clause into t/41_server_hang.t, as          
according to the person reporting, it doesn't work at all on    
MSWin (the network code is very UNIX-y).                        

* lib/RPC/
* t/10_data.t
Applied a regexp-fix from Joakim Mared for stringification of   

* lib/RPC/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* t/10_data.t
RT ticket #35106: Make the behavior of RPC::XML::array          
constructor work as expected. This led to adding use of         
Scalar::Util and cleaning up the places where I was still doing 
"UNIVERSAL::isa(...)" hacks to test refs without the risk of    
directly calling ->isa() on a potentially-unblessed ref.        

* lib/Apache/RPC/
* lib/Apache/RPC/
* lib/RPC/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
Update the copyright year and license information, and add      
contact data to all POD sections for RT, AnnoCPAN, GitHub, etc. 

* lib/RPC/XML/
* t/50_client.t
RT ticket #34559: Allow control of LWP::UA timeouts from within 
client class.                                                   

* lib/RPC/XML/
RT ticket #43019: Small hack to the existing SSL hack for       
Socket6 problems.                                               

* lib/Apache/RPC/
* lib/Apache/RPC/
* lib/RPC/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
* lib/RPC/XML/
Since Scalar::Util requires 5.006, make that (5.006001,         
actually) the base required Perl version.                       
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