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What is Wapuu?

‘Wapuu’ is official character of WordPress in Japan. He(She?) loved by many WordPress users in not only Japan but also the worldwide.

Variation of Wapuu

The vector data of Wapuu have released by GNU General Public License(GPL). You can edit and re-use that freely. There are many variations of Wapuu born everywhere around the world.

Wapuu goods

Many Wapuu goods make by funs. Badge,Stiker, Mug cup,T-Shorts,etc... Mascot, Stuffed Animal.

You can watch many wapuu goods by search tiwtter #wapuu.

3D Wapuu

So I made a 3D version of Wapuu and released the 3D Data On GitHub. Anyone can download that data. And that also able to edit shape and reuse.

That was include the data for 3D CG Animation and 3D Printer.

If you have 3D CG Software or CAD Software, you can use that in CG Animaion and CAD. And If you have the 3D Printer, you can print out the same Wapuu object.

We can expect make variation of 3D wapuu contents by use this.

Model Preview

For the 3DCG

3D Wapuu

Low, middle, high, highest quality

3D Wapuu

Before subdivision process

3D Wapuu

For the 3D Printer

3D Wapuu 3D Wapuu 3D Wapuu 3D Wapuu 3D Wapuu 3D Wapuu

Author, License, Version

Author : Takeshi Kashihara
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Version : 2.0


This is 3D Wapuu polygon model data.
You can use this data for 3DCG Software, and CAD software.
And you can build 3D Wapuu thing by the 3D Printer.

Wapuu is a official character of, in Japan.
He is loved by worldwide WordPress users.

Data format

3D model data is in models directory, separated by low, mid, high, highest quality.

For the 3DCG image, the animation.(for_the_3dcg)

.dae (COLLADA COLLAborative Design Activity file format)
.obj (cross-platform 3d-object format for the 3DCG image, the animation)
.fbx (Filmbox file format)
.shd (Shade3D Scene)
.stl (stereolithography CAD data)

For the 3D Printer image, the animation.(for_the_3d_printer)

.stl (stereolithography CAD data)


1.1 - March 2 2016

  • Add STL format for 3DCG.

1.2 - March 2 2016

  • Edited, readme.txt.

2.0 - May 5 2016

  • modified the shape.
  • Add low, middle, high, highest quality data for 3DCG.
  • Add FBX, Shade3D, Collada format for 3DCG.

2.1 - June 7 2016

2.2 - June 20 2016

  • Add several models for the 3D Printer.

3.0 - July 4 2016

  • Add Maya Binary files.
  • Add models that before subdivision process.