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Taskbar application for managing AEM instances on Mac OS X.
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LICENSE AEM Manager for MacOS Sierra

Taskbar application for managing AEM instances on MacOS Sierra.

There is also a version for Windows:


The AEM manager is a MacOS Sierra application that allows to manage local AEM instances for AEM developers. It allows to start, stop instances in the menubar. Via menubar quick links are available to the most important entry points.


  • Download the latest release from the Releases section.

  • Install DMG File to your Applications Folder. The DMG File is not signed, so enable GateKeeper for App-Download from anywhere in your security settings.

  • In case of Problems especially with MacOS Versions < 10.12 installing Release Versions < 0.1.6 may help.

Relase 0.1.5 tested with OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Release 0.1.6 tested with MacOS 10.12 Sierra.

Release 0.1.7 tested with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.


After starting the AEM manager a table with the instances is shown:

AEM Manager on Startup

You can define new instances:

AEM Instance

The main menubar icon offers a context menu with some global useful links, and the possible to choose for which instances a separate icon should be displayed in the taskbar:

AEM Manager Context Menu

For each instance icon a context menu offers to start/stop the instance, open log files or open a browser to jump into different entry points:

Known Bugs

  • Some java args seems not supported by NSTask()

Dev Notes

Master Branch works only with latest XCode 8 Version

Issue Tracking

For bugs and enhancement requests please file a ticket at

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