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Code Repo for Examples from the 2015 Developer Workshop

Local WordPress Development Environment


More advanced option to run your site. Creates a whole virtual server using something like Virtual Box for a totally sandboxed environment. Can fully match servers if you want or find "Vagrant Boxes"

Locally Installed PHP and Server

Install PHP, MySQL, Apache/Nginx on your own local computer. Most advanced of the options.

*AMP Family


Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Custom Fields and Metaboxes

Advanced Custom Fields

The top GUI (Graphical) Custom Field plugin. This will give you options to create fields and boxes to contain those fields within the WordPress admin. It has a ton of different fields available in the free version and also has premium add-ons to enable more features. By default, it saves all field data to the database. You can export code to include in your theme or plugin which will only work with ACF installed.


This is a library allowing you to easily add custom fields and metaboxes through code. You can install this as a plugin or include it within a theme, plugin, or in mu-plugins. This does not use the database at all for setting up the fields.

Using WordPress Functions


add_post_meta() update_post_meta() delete_post_meta() get_post_meta()