Control your VLC with your IRC
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Control your VLC with your IRC.


I’ve included, which will download vlc and perform in-tree compilation including ircrc. If it doesn’t work it at least serves as documentation for the build process. You can also perform out-of-tree compilation.

  1. Download the latest VLC sources and install its build dependenices
  2. Extract vlc and run ./configure
  3. Copy src/ircrc.c to modules/control/ in the vlc source directory
  4. Add the following lines to modules/control/
    libircrc_plugin_la_SOURCES = ircrc.c
    control_LTLIBRARIES +=

    To the end.

  5. Run “./bootstrap && ./configure && make” in the vlc directory


vlc -I ircrc --server your.irc.server --channel "#yourchannel" --nick some_nickname yourfile.avi


A few playlist commands are currently supported

  • !play
  • !pause
  • !next
  • !prev
  • !enqueue <MRL>
  • !clear
  • !playlist
  • !status


If you modify ircrc.c after building, run “./ –update” to just copy the file and invoke make without reconfiguring.