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Changelog for WC Vendors Marketplace
Version 2.1.1
* Added: Export Commission Order ID #460
* Added: Export Commission Totals use filters #459
* Added: Remove Ability to Register from the WP Login screen. #489
* Fixed: Invalid variable reference
* Fixed: Uninstall loading order to ensure table still exists when getting settings fields
* Fixed: Incorrect capabilities set on initial install and via setup wizard
* Fixed: Handle PayPal Adaptive Payments IPN status inconsistencies (#495)
* Fixed: Incorrect javascript method name
* Fixed: No terms and conditions warning (#494)
* Fixed: Replace vendor with function call (#493)
* Fixed: Update methods in the wrong location
* Fixed: Line item id's incorrectly set
Templates Updated:
Version 2.1.0
* Added Option to remove "Become a Vendor" tab on the my-account page
* Update: Make it easier to visually see which emails have been deprecated
* Fixed: Virtual / Downloadable Hide option does not work #483
* Fixed: Admin notify vendor application not firing #468
* Fixed: Username not showing in Admin notification email subject
* Fixed: Terms & conditions on wp-register page #479
* Fixed: Capabilities resetting disables edit live products #466
* Fixed: Vendor labels can't be translated #451
* Fixed: "Become a Vendor" tab is not hidden for vendor role #472
* Fixed: WooCommerce Product Enquiry emails not working #465
* Fixed: Color picker class not working when adding custom class (#469)
* Fixed: Stop vendor notification sending twice
* Fixed: Shipping cost to be added onto Vendor commissions #463
* Fixed: Using wrong method in classes/class-shipping.php #461
Version 2.0.10
* Fixed: Commission by Product report is not functioning & shows errors #456
* Fixed: Disable upgrade notice if pro already active
* Fixed: Added check in case user incorrectly sets orders page
* Fixed: Vendor emails not firing #450
* Fixed: Included translations no longer work #455
* Fixed: Parameter 2 to be array in class-admin-users.php on line 174 #454
* Fixed: my-account "become a vendor" tab is leading to a 404 #447
* Fixed: Pending vendors no longer see the Vendor Application Form #448
Version 2.0.9
* Fixed: Vendor shop pages are in 404
* Fixed: Become a vendor on my account page goes to a 404 #445
* Fixed: Call to undefined function wcv_get_settings_mapping() #444
* Fixed: Typo in separator statement
Version 2.0.8
* Added: Ability to uninstall the plugin including advanced options
* Added: Option to assign media to vendor when assigning product
* Added: All references to vendor changed to an option to rename vendors
* Added: Sold by separator option #420
* Added: Multi page select admin setting type
* Updated: Language files
* Fixed: Commissions Totals Incorrect in Reports #432
* Fixed: Paypal Manual payout not working #430
* Fixed: Class loading issues #427
* Fixed: Vendor Featured product shortcode not working #418
* Fixed: Vendor Top rated products shortcode not working #417
* Fixed: Unable to use image settings type for admin settings
Version 2.0.7
* Added: Become a vendor link to WooCommerce My Account page
* Fixed: Fatal Error WP Admin vendor orders #422
* Fixed: Only run vendor dashboard class on the front end
* Fixed: Admin dashboard error
* Fixed: fatal error get_id on integer
* Fixed: Hide signup form if current user is already a vendor
* Fixed: Tags stripped from wysiwyg settings #419
* Fixed: Spelling mistake across the code base
* Updated: language files
* Updated: Wording for settings
Templates Updated:
Version 2.0.6
* Added: Payment details to totals CSV export #414
* Added: New background updater
* Added: New reference to the GDPR for users in the readme
* Updated: Invalid text domain in woocommerce registration errors
* Updated: Only show major update warning for WC Vendors below 2.0.0
* Fixed: Payment message output
* Fixed: PayPal cron schedules not working #416
* Fixed: Incorrect page name
* Fixed: Incorrect default settings in setup wizard
* Fixed: Call correct background updater
* Fixed: Reference to documentation
* Fixed: Increased input width for commission input in settings
Version 2.0.5
* Updated: Legacy WooCommerce calls
* Updated: Changed how options are retrieved from the database
* Fixed: Customer details not filtered on WP Admin orders screen #413
* Fixed: Customer details not filtered on emails #411
* Fixed: Totals display in vendor order notification emails
* Fixed: Duplicate new product admin notification emails
* Fixed: New product admin notification email trigger not working
* Fixed: Username placeholder in vendor application email
* Fixed: Vendor Sold By name is not appearing on customer order #412
* Fixed: Update dialog is stuck #409
* Fixed: Order capabilities not working #410
* Fixed: Incorrect label in emails
Templates Added:
Templates Updated:
Version 2.0.4
* Fixed: Critical commission calculation error
Version 2.0.3
* Added: Export Commission Sum Totals
* Added: New setting to rename vendors store wide
* Fixed: Update Dialog is stuck #409
* Updated: Langage file
Version 2.0.2
* Fixed: Corrected settings conditional checks across classes
* Fixed: Vendor Capabilities
* Fixed: Reset vendor roles
* Fixed: Incorrect get_option calls
* Fixed: Permission check for product submit and order view
* Updated: Templates to make tracking changes possible
* Updated: Disable add new product completely if disabled
* Updated: Make denied product message translateable.
Version 2.0.1
* Fixed: Update notice won't complete
* Fixed: Legacy settings options loading
* Fixed: Errors on activation when unsupported plugin is detected
* Fixed: Display sold_by option not working
Version 2.0.0
* Added: New WC Vendors Admin menu
* Added: Bank details fields for vendors
* Added: New all new email system and templates
* Added: New contextual help menus on settings pages
* Added: New settings system and admin notice system
* Added: Setup Wizard
* Added: Support for PHP 7.1+
* Updated: styles and script build script
* Updated: language file cleanup
* Updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks CasperBraske
* Fixed: Permalinks not flushing on settings save
* Fixed: Terms & Conditions Checkbox for Vendor Registration does not show #392
* Fixed: deprecated calls on orders screen
* Fixed: Vendor role capabilities updated when new settings updated.
* Fixed: Vendors can delete media they uploaded
* Fixed: Added check for woocommerce shipping tax class setting
* Fixed: Tax classes not being used in shipping tax calculations
* Fixed: Make compatible with #396
* Fixed: undefined index notice for reports that have been removed
* Fixed: Removed focus from select on vendor drop down on product edit screen
Templates Added:
Templates Updated:
Version 1.9.14
* Added: Export commissions via CSV
* Added: Commission Table Links #166
* Added: Apply to become a vendor on wp-login registration page #245
* Added: Apply filter to get_vendor_dues_from_order()
* Fixed: wp-admin Commissions Page sorted by status & vendor #374
* Fixed: Commission filters loading too early so they cannot be applied.
* Fixed: WooCommerce Reports are showing 2X accurate sales #388
* Fixed: Shortcodes do not work for products assigned to vendor by admin #385
* Fixed: Text domain in read me for glotpress translations
* Fixed: "sold by" is showing in several areas despite deselected admin setting #386
Version 1.9.13
* Added: Notice for deprecated gateway
* Added: A filter for role change: Denied Vendor #351
* Added: WooCommerce tested header for new WooCommerce Status page
* Added: Filter for vendor signup form so it can be overriden
* Added: "Approve" Vendor action on Pending Vendors Page #372
* Updated: Brazillian Port wcvendors-pt_BR.pot
* Fixed: Moved sprintf must be outside #381 thanks CasperBraske
* Fixed: Re-Send email options in admin/orders are not available after WooCommerce update #383
* Fixed: deprecated screen_icon method call
* Fixed: Use wc_get_order instead of new WC_Order #382
* Fixed: Post called incorrectly #378
* Fixed: Get correct product name in commission table if variation deleted
* Fixed: Commissions reversed when order deleted
* Fixed: mistake in vendor_shop_query
* Fixed: Return 404 if vendor doesn't exist
* Fixed: The shop name background doesn’t scale with shop image #366
* Fixed: deprecated functions #368 thanks @stodorovic
* Fixed: Changed how customer address is displayed based on Woo Options. Thanks @debain
Version 1.9.12
* Added: For hook for vendor order content
* Updated: Portuguese translations thanks Elsa
* Updated: Show SKU in emails as per pre WC3.0 updates
* Fixed: Static reference calls in commision class
* Fixed: Shipping tax bug in vendor calculations
* Fixed: Variations showing $0 price in emails thanks damanmehta
* Fixed: Prevent PHP notice for getting non-existing vendor name from JeroenSormani/master
Version 1.9.11
* Fixed: Correct product id being parsed to shipping function
* Fixed: Payment method notice due to direct access to object property
* Fixed: Sold by incorrectly showing in cart for variations
Version 1.9.10
* Fixed: Terms & Conditions Checkbox is not functioning normally #348
* Fixed: Apply to Become a Vendor Checkbox is Missing with WC 3.0 + WC Vendors 1.9.9 #349
* Fixed: New product title formatting is showing product #350
* Fixed: Incorrect use of wpdb->prepare
* Fixed: Mark shipped filter not providing parameters correctly
* Fixed: Incorrect reference to billing email in notification email
* Updated: Removed Sales reports from backend
Version 1.9.9
* Added: Filters to vendor admin dashboard class for custom columns #339
* Added: Vendor shop name to the <title> tag on products archive page
* Updated Woocommerce 2.7 compatibility
* Updated: i18n text domain loading for proper translations #341
* Fixed: Class logger when called via includes files
* Fixed: Bug in how admin notices are displayed when saving shop settings
* Fixed: 2.7 compatibility bugs
* Fixed: Commissions Subtotal showing Full Product Price in vendor email #330
* Fixed: Capabilities Fix for Resetting Roles #329
* Fixed: HTML title attribute doesn't change for store pages #328
* Fixed: Login form not displayed if get variable set
* Fixed: deprecated action in product edit screen
Templates Updated:
Version 1.9.8
* Fixed: Paypal adaptive payments url changes
* Added: Store Vendor ID in vendor child order #326
* Added: 100% Japanese translations thanks to Shohei Tanaka
Version 1.9.7
* Fixed: Capabilities Fix for Resetting Roles #329
Version 1.9.6
* Added: Commission Query Functions #321
* Added: Template for sold by in shop loop #324
* Merged: Extended commissions management #319 from MounirHamani
* Updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation
* Template Added:
Version 1.9.5
* Added: Automated language file builds
* Added: Vendors can now delete media in the media uploader
* Updated: Commissions table in backend now shows cost breakdowns
* Fixed: Removed legacy code for unsupported shipping methods
* Fixed: Rounding issue with 100% commission and coupons in pro
Version 1.9.4
* Added: Filter to add delayed payment possibility #309
* Added: WPML support configuration file
* Updated: Brazilian translation files thanks Luis!
* Fixed: Using "date_i18n" instead of just "date" #316 from CasperBraske
* Fixed: Geczy text domain in the settings file #314
* Fixed: Commissions lock on one vendor after some actions are made #311
* Fixed: Vendor dashboard Orders Export link is dead #306
* Fixed: Vendor sorting in commissions - no option to NOT choose a vendor #305
* Fixed: vendor order admin product metadata loading #298 from mikko-niemikorpi
* Fixed: Commission status translatable in reports thanks CasperBraske
* Fixed: Translatable strings thanks CasperBraske
* Fixed: Issues with translation strings
* Fixed: Incorrect variable reference
* Fixed: bp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly
* Fixed: Display of variations on main dashboard
* Fixed: Trying to get property of non-object
* Fixed: Variation data styles in order display in wp-admin
* Fixed: Save user meta fields when pending vendor
* Fixed: Incorrect url string format in french translation
* Templates Updated:
Version 1.9.3
* Fixed: Only load asset on orders page in admin
* Fixed: Not showing orders on vendor dashboard for new installations
* Updated: Persian translations thanks to Alireza
Version 1.9.2
* Added: Reverse commission when order emptied from trash #277
* Added: Daily Payout option for PayPal Cron #297
* Added: Vendor select2 on the commissions page #284
* Added: Button to reset vendor roles & WC Vendors settings to WooCoomerce system status tools page #230
* Added: Dutch Translation, thanks @jjclinton
* Added: Date filter for order queries
* Added: Turkish translations thanks Hakan
* Added: $wc_vendors object variable
* Added: Action to fire after dashboard links (wcvendors_after_links)
* Added: Body css classes to set pages
* Updated: Support for woo commerce minimum and readme
* Fixed: Mark commission reversed bulk action on commissions table
* Fixed: No longer have to save permalink settings when updating WC Vendors options
* Fixed: Orders page not set on fresh install
* Fixed: Property of non object #300
* Fixed: Translation for Mark Shipped #296
* Fixed: Too many redirect loops if pages not set #290
* Fixed: Non-Object Notice in install #289
* Fixed: Rounding error with 100% commission thanks Brett!
* Fixed: text domain for email templates
* Fixed: Don't start session if user isn't logged
* Fixed: Session error on log out if session doesn't exist
* Fixed: Settings image selector bug
* Merged pull request #302 from NicolasBernier - Completed French Translations, Thanks!
* Merged: pull request #293 from stodorovic/fix_init_sessions
Version 1.9.1
* Added: GitHub Plugin URI for afragen/github-updater #282 thanks Agoruh
* Added: Edit and View page settings options
* Fixed: Missing Argument WCV_Admin_Users::filter_product_types() #288
* Fixed: Critical: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get_children() #287
* Fixed: Date range session data is not working #285
* Fixed HTML escaped characters in PaypalAP Cancel and Return URLs: #286 thanks Nicolas
* Fixed: Post type check to trigger_new_product() function #276
* Fixed: Updated to notices instead of wordpress errors
* Fixed: Product attribute fetch and returning HTML #283 thanks Mikko
* Fixed: Vendor Mark Shipped Security Fix #280 thanks Agoruh
* Fixed: Missing argument in Vendors Class
* Fixed: Rounded product commission to avoid error 589023 when submitting to PayPal #275 thanks Nicolas
Version 1.9.0
* Added: Support for WooCommerce 2.6
* Added: Vendor roles filter wcvendors_vendor_roles
* Added: Product and Vendor id's to sold_by filters
* Added: Vendor Signup Filters #269
* Added: Notify Vendors Email - Add Product SKU, if set #263
* Added: New Option: Notify Vendors show Purchase Price or Commissions #253
* Added: Option to disable sold by #236
* Added: Initial sub order management code #196 thanks Spreeuw
* Fixed: Sold by meta removal
* Fixed: Sequential Orders Support Commissions table #270
* Fixed: Notify Vendors Email Customizer Not Working #240
* Fixed: Commissions Total Report a-z sorting #239
* Fixed: need to agree to terms for this to process correctly
* Fixed: save pending vendor for login screen
* Fixed: Notify Vendors Email in WC 2.5+ #265
* Fixed: Order table layout
* Fixed: Orders screen for vendors in admin #231
* Fixed: product management in WC 2.6
* Fixed: Duplicate application emails firing in free and pro
* Fixed: Commission display issue in notify vendor email
* Fixed: New ítem meta compatability with WC 2.5 and above
Version 1.8.9
* Fixed: Commission Totals Report Inaccurate #267
* Added: Swedish Translation Thanks Arvid!
Version 1.8.8
* Fixed: Undefined variable error in commission class
* Fixed: Pagination bug in wcv_vendorslist shortcode
Version 1.8.7
* Added: New qty argument to commission calculations
* Added: Image uploader settings type
* Added: New commission function for payment gateways
* Fixed: Prefixed all btn css classes to stop theme collision
* Fixed: Sold By:Name spaces issue #256
* Fixed: Show extended fields for vendor and pending vendor roles
* Fixed: Check if product is taxable
* Fixed: deprecated function calls in email templates
* Fixed: Commission giving tax on none taxable items #251
* Fixed: Sold by label issues with WC 2.5 #250
Version 1.8.6
* Fixed: Critical issue with paypal loading classes incorrectly
Version 1.8.5
* Fixed: Issue with PayPal on some sites - Rolled back issue #247
* Fixed: Reverted ticket #216 for email conflicts
* Added: New KnowledgeBase URL
Version 1.8.4
* Added: Removed fields from users that aren't vendors
* Added: actions to hook into approve/deny vendor
* Added: Ability to integrate with any order status for emails #216
* Added: Terms & Conditions Opens in New Tab #246
* Updated: Added trigger for on-hold to processing/completed for Notify Vendor Email #238
* Updated: Settings page helper text and clarifications
* Fixed: Sold by formatting issue #248
* Fixed: wp_redirect caches with W3 Total Cache #237
* Fixed: Bug in single page settings generator
* Fixed: Category title missing bug #213
* Fixed: Undefined index for non vendor users
* Merge: pull request #247 from archonic/hotfix/oauth-class-exists
Version 1.8.3
* Fixed: Fatal Error on activation Merge pull request #235 from oleggen/patch-1
* Added: Seller info label option
Version 1.8.2
* Added: Sold By label option
* Added: New Vendor Commission Totals Report #234
* Fixed: Added 'Shipped' if marked as shipped #233 can be found on WooCommerce > Reports > WC Vendors > Commission Totals
* Fixed: Renamed internal function to stop theme and plugin clash
Version 1.8.1
* Added: New options updated action for settings
* Added: New plugin activation hook for testing woocommerce active
* Added: vendor id to get shipping due filter
* Added: Warning on settings page if user registration in WooCommerce is not enabled
* Added: Russian Translations thanks Natalia
Version 1.8.0
* Fixed: Mark $0.00 commissions as paid instead of due #205
* Fixed: Email trigger should be filter not action - Thanks ontiuk #215
* Updated: Read me with link to Pro and Updated Language List
* Added: Portuguese Language (Thanks Renato) #212
* Remove Forced HTTP Protocol on Sent IPN URL #207 from GoTeamScotch
Version 1.7.9
* Fixed: woocommerce filter and action issues on product edit page
Version 1.7.8
* Fixed: Vendors can not register #193
* Fixed: Variation product image upload #194
* Added: Order actions thanks GoTeamScotch
* Updated: New item meta in WC 2.4+
* Updated: WooCommerce Shipment Tracking v1.2.7+
* Fixed: Paypal Logging thanks to GoTeamScotch
* Updated: Templates now fully translatable #195
* Fixed: Translations not loading bug
* Fixed: vendors not defined error
* Updated: Base translation files
Version 1.7.7
* Fixed: Terms and conditions processing #182
* Added: filter to order note for overrides
* Added: Order note for marked shipped #187
* Fixed: order retrieval for wp-admin orders table for vendors
* Fixed: pagination bug #179
* Updated: styles for orders table in admin for vendors
* Fixed: Vendor displaying issue #180
* Updated: Admin Commission Report Column Names #183
* Updated: Admin Commissions Page now shows times a product has sold in total #184
Version 1.7.6
* Added: Stock notifications go to vendors #114
* Fixed: Instant Pay bug #174
* Fixed: wcv_vendorslist paging #178
* Added: Vendor display name now translatable
* deprecated: Dashboard vendor reports
* Added: Chinese Language files thanks to SundayLau
* Fixed: Added support for WPML #177
* Update: default pot language file
Version 1.7.5
* Merged: Check product post type in vendor dashboard thanks simplementNat
* Updated: Base language file
* Updated: Compatibility for Shipment Tracking for v1.3.5 #167
* Fixed: Shipping taxes
* Fixed: Pending Products for Vendors #168
* Added: Vendor shipping override #171
* Added: Give Tax Per Vendor Override #56
* Added: Hide duplicate product option
* Fixed: Email firing for pending status only
* Updated: Unified vendor-main/mini-header variables
* Fixed: Email template paths to woocommerce paths
* Merged: Updated Brazilian Portuguese thanks carlosramosweb
* Added: Seller Info to header #161
* Updated: Spanish Translations #160
* Updated: Brazilian Portuguese Language #156
Version 1.7.4
* Added: Mark shipped filter #157
* Fixed: Added Tax total to vendor email #146
* Updated: Location of email templates in theme to wc-vendors/emails
* Added: User email to Vendor Display Options #158
* Fixed: Mass Pay Now Bug #159
* Fixed: Mark as shipped for downloadable product #40
* Added: Brazilian Portuguese language #156
* Updated: Default Language file
* Fixed: Translation issue for query test #155
* Updated: Template base for emails
* Fixed: Vendor email and renamed template #135
* Fixed: Better CSV Output #63
* Fixed: Made PayPal optional on Vendor Dashboard Shop Settings #144
* Update: fixed return query var
* Fixed: Test for product post types #149
* Fixed: 2.1 deprecated return call
* Fixed: PHP Strict static call in commissions class
* Merged: Is Vendor checks all user roles #147 thanks crabilld
Version 1.7.3
* Fixed: Paypal AP IPN url issue
Version 1.7.2
* Added: Filters for seller tab #141
* Fixed: URI Too Large Error #143
* Fixed: Give tax to vendors #142
* Updated: Spanish Translations #140
* Added: Persian Translation #139
Version 1.7.1
* Fixed: Invalid argument on new orders dashboard page #138
* Updated: Base translation file
Version 1.7.0
* Fixed: add_query_arg/remove_query_arg XSS issue
* Fixed: Hide Notice not working for admin settings
* Added: Shop Settings page in WordPress dashboard
* Added: Orders page in WordPress dashboard
Version 1.6.2
* Added: Option to change sold by vendor name #106
* Fixed: Error notice in vendor dashboard #133
* Fixed: Pagination in commissions admin screen #68
* Added: Support for WooCommerce Order Status Manager
* Fixed: Updated media filter method for vendors #132
* Fixed: Commission not logged for variations #131
Version 1.6.1
* Fixed: Support for Per Product Shipping 2.2.x #126
* Added: Filter to change commission label in vendor email #127
Version 1.6.0
* Added: Admin notices for vendor page slug & permalinks
* Fixed: Plugin row meta links
* Added: Upgrade notice
* Fixed: Rounding issue #120
* Fixed: Paypal https host check deprecated call
* Added: show_products attribute #107
* Updated: Text in denied template to make more sense when registration disabled #123
* Updated: wcv_vendorslist shortcode now shows 3 column output #123
* Fixed: Index issue #122
* Updated: New plugin and template directory structure - IMPORTANT READ KB
Version 1.5.0
* Added: Spanish translation thanks Mauricio
* Added: French translation thanks JP
* Added: CSS class for sold by (classes same as filters in those files)
* Fixed: Paypal return URL
* Added: Vendor Dashboard UI Improvements
* Added: WC Vendors Test Gateway
* Updated: ToolTips to be more helpful
* Added: Admin option for not giving shipping cost to vendor
* Fixed: Disable notify admin
* Fixed: Mark as shipped/unshipped
* Fixed: Duplicate column name
Version 1.4.5
* Updated: select2 3.5.2 for settings api
* Fixed: Replaced Chosen with Select2 #102
* Fixed: Table Rate Shipping issue #103
* Fixed: Featured column issue #100
* Updated: Filter call for report
* Fixed: Call to deprecated function #98
Version 1.4.4
* Fixed: Hardcoded table in wcv_vendorslist shortcode
Version 1.4.3
* Fixed: Placeholder on Product Reports
Version 1.4.2
* Added: Commission status sort to commissions page
* Fixed: Recent Commissions limit of 20 now works on selected date range
* Fixed: Report By product in WC2.3
* Fixed: Vendor Report date selector in wp-admin
* Fixed: Tracking plugin Order Meta
* Added: New filter wcvendors_dashboard_google_maps_link
* Fixed: Formatting error for Google maps link
* Added: New actions in vendor-dashboard wcvendors_vendor_unship, wcvendors_vendor_ship (thanks Nathan H)
Version 1.4.1
* Fixed: Language file loading issue
* Fixed: Static function calls in commision class for php 5.6
* Fixed: Static call in Vendor Cart
* Added: New language files for de_AT, de_DE (thanks to theHubi), it_IT (thanks to Nicole)
* Added: New actions for main and mini headers (before and after see KB)
Version 1.4.0
* Added: product category + vendor shortcode [wcv_product_category category="category" vendor="vendorname"]
* Added: Tracking number support via WooThemes Shipment Tracking plugin
* Added: Google Maps for delivery address on front end
* Fixed: woocommerce_wp_text_input via merged pull request from svenl77
* Added: Vendor List shortcode [wcv_vendorlist] + template for styling see KB for full details
* Fixed: Report not showing Commission by Product
* Fixed: Paths in language files
Version 1.3.1
* Fixed: Sold by in invoices
Version 1.3.0
* Added: show vendor on all emails #29
* Fixed: Critical issue #58
* Added: Vendor header templates #65
* Added: Vendor to QuickEdit #12
* Fixed: Updating notices to use 2.1 Notice API #62
* Added: wcvendors_registration_checkbox filter to denied.php template view
* Added: wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox filter to filter "Apply to become a vendor?" at registration.
* Added: wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox to filter "Apply to become a vendor?"
Version 1.2.0
* Added new filters to change sold by text see Knowledge base for details
* Added sold by to product loop for archive-product.php, see knowledge base on how to disable or change this
* Added new option to hide "Featured product" from vendors
* Added Sold By Filter as per #3
* Removing unused tag filter
* Updated default.pot
* Fixing attribute bug #48 - Thanks to gcskye
* Removing legacy translations
* Fixed Orders view errors
* Fixing call to incorrect method #45
Version 1.1.5
* Fixed orders view to remove incorrect call to woocommerce print messages
Version 1.1.4
* Fixed called to incorrect notice method
* Moved methods into parent class See #41
* PHP Strict updates
* Deprecated Class due to PHP strict issues
* fixing static call
* Tidying up and comments.
* Renaming class to new standard
* Removing deprecated wc methods.
* Fixing incorrect method call
* Problem with undefined variable.
* fixing static call issues
* fixing static call problems
* Fixing more strict issues
* fixing encoding issue
* Fixing tax rounding issue #37
* Fixing deprecated calls #42
* Fixing strict standards
* Fixing constant reference #36
* Fixed reference to old plugin name
* Fixing strict errors #27
* New Default POT translations #26
* Fixing translation strings #26
* Updated description
* Fix link to paypal adaptive payments #25
* Fixing issue #22
* Remove support for woo commerce 2.1 and below
* Class rename
* Fixed incorrect table name see #35
* Fixed Class description
* Added label on vendor email shipping line see #22
* Fix issue #23 Notify vendor email problem
* Fixing Issue #28 & removing WC2.0 support
* Strict Standards in WCV_Vendors #32
* Fixing Issue #31 PHP Strict Issues
* Fixing Issue #30 PHP Strict Standards
* Change Log added for release changes
* WC Version Requirement changed
* Updating author to include wc after modifications
* Rename class
* Fixing up link to documentation
* Updated Readme
Version 1.1.3
* Fixing table names for compatibility
* Rename class
* Fixing Fatal error #18
* Fatal error fixed, version bump
* Fixing Class call
* Fixing all references to incorrect class name
* Commission and report fixes
* Fixing spelling
* Update readme.txt
* Fixing author
* Version bump
* Check if shipping is enabled
* Comment for future reference
Version 1.1.1
* Start of adding woocomerce short codes enhanced
* Shortcodes class
* Removing temp file
* Adding short code support
* Version Bump
* PHP Strict Issue #5
* Fatal Error: Class 'PV_Commission' #14
* Fixing references to PV_Vendors
* Renamed filters and actions
* Rename Reports Submenu #15
* "Mark Shipped" Icon #16
* Version increased after bug fixes
Version 1.0.2
* Fix up admin settings notices
* Renamed shortcodes
* Version bump for short code rename
Version 1.0.1
* Initial Commit
* First commit - no modifications to existing plugin
* Updating README
* Update
* Features added
* Updated Details of plugin
* Fixing up formatting
* More fixes.
* Updating readme
* Updating more details
* Update denied.php
* Added mac file ignore
* updated read me
* Plugin Rename
* Plugin rename
* Rename plugin
* Rename plugin
* more updates
* Plugin Updater removed
* Updating text domain
* Basic rename complete
* Replacement includes classes
* text domain updates
* text domain updates
* new change log for new fork
* Rename main class
* renaming constants
* updated constants
* plugin constant
* Renaming queries class
* constants updated
* rename vendor shop class
* rename vendor cart class
* Renaming classes
* Author updates
* Class renaming
* Version bump