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hexo-fabric is a theme for hexo, fork from fabric by Pankaj Kumar for octopress.

You can visit my blog to preview.

how to install

Like all other theme, execute the following command, and set theme in _config.yml to hexo-fabric

$ git clone https://github.com/wd/hexo-fabric themes/hexo-fabric
$ hexo generate

There some settings in theme/hexo-fabric/_config.yml you may want to set.

highlight theme

Only test on hexo 2.4.4, and highlight.js 0.8, maybe not work in other version.

Visit https://github.com/isagalaev/highlight.js/tree/master/src/styles to download a thtme into source/stylesheets/hljs.css. You can visit http://highlightjs.org/static/test.html to select your fav theme.

Use vim open hljs.css you download, and then:

:%s/.hljs-/.code ./g

Then regenerate your site.

tags cloud page

If you want to support tags cloud page, you should create a empty page use command hexo new page 'tags'. And then change the title for this page to 'All Tags' or what you want, it will display at tags cloud page.

If you don't want this page, you can delete it from themes/hexo-fabric/layout/_partial/custom/navigation.ejs.


  • do not support category
  • titlecase, line_number, date_format settings support
  • robots, sitemap may not work

Recommand you set like following in your _config.yml.

# Archives
## 2: Enable pagination
## 1: Disable pagination
## 0: Fully Disable
archive: 1
category: 0
tag: 1