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Document for the new DMR user
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Welcome to the DMR Documentation Project

If you wish to be a contributor we welcome you. The intent of this project is for it to grow to contain relevant information on DMR, and to move new people quickly to a knowledgeable understanding of how it works, and it’s operation

If you are viewing this readme from somewhere else other than the github page. This project in it’s entirety can be found here

If you only wish to obtain a copy of the final document produced by this project please download IntroductionDMR.pdf located in the files are from the files area.

The document is being maintained in the Tex/LaTeX publishing environment in order to keep “content” and “document styling” as distant as possible from each other.

This forces document content to be divorced from document style, allowing writers to only worry about content. The style or look of the document will be controlled by the project managers.

If you wish to contribute to the project you can do this in several ways. If you notice a sentence that needs changed, or a misspelling (I'm sure there are) you can simply send a mail note to one of the project contributors, and they will make the change. If you want to add whole paragraphs, or sections to the document you can also send these to the project coordinators, or you can set up your own LaTeX environment and do standard Git things allowing multiple people to work and change things at the same time. This is the recommended way to make lots of changes.

Tex/LaTeX is available for almost any platform from Unix, Linux, Windows, even mainframe. To learn how to setup your environment look here This link explains how to set up a full working environment for any platform. You will discover that once you have a working environment your document will look exactly the same when it is generated on your system, as it does anywhere. The beauty of LaTeX is that the source becomes portable. As for learning LaTeX after some initial reading you will find it quite simple to use, there are many tutorial available on youtube and written on the net.

If you are new to Git there are also many tutorial available on how to use Git and become a full contributor and user.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to send the main coordinator, any project manager, or contributor a mail note.

Fred Moore

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