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Twitter Support for BarnOwl
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The Twitter module implements Twitter support for BarnOwl. It also
supports automatic mirroring of some subset of Zephyrs you send to

To configure it, first

* Add your twitter credentials to ~/.owl/twitter as a JSON hash, e.g.
{"user":"nelhage", "password":"sekrit" }
* Load the module (cp Twitter.par into ~/.owl/modules and :reload-module Twitter)
* Set the twitter:class, twitter:instance, and twitter:opcode
  variables to the destination you want messages to be mirrored
  from. By default, they are -c $YOUR_USERNAME -i status -O twitter
  Setting twitter:opcode to "" will cause "normal" (i.e. no opcode)
  messages to that class/instance to be mirrored. A value of '*'
  works as a "match-anything" wildcard for any of the fields.

Twitter.par will also receive twitters and inject them into barnowl as
messages of type 'twitter'. It polls for normal messages once a
minute, and direct messages every other minute. To disable polling,
you can unset the 'twitter:poll' variable in BarnOwl.

Twitter.par now supports other Twitter-compatible microblogging
services, like To enable this, set the 'service' parameter
in your config hash to the API URL of your service. You will likely
also need to set 'apihost' and 'apirealm'. See Net::Twitter or your
blogging service's documentation for more information.
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