Cloudwatch Agent - UDP/IP long running process
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CloudWatch Agent

Just a simple agent that send your statistics to AWS CloudWatch using an internal scheduler.

The monitor compute the average of all metrics and send them to AWS CloudWatch every minute.

The agent listen for UDP packet on localhost on port 1234

  • Master: Build Status
  • Develop: Build Status

The data packet

The data packet is just a simple JSON message

{"namespace": "wdm", "metric": "indexer-timing", "value": 81.21}

Complete data packet structure

The data packet could include other features, like: units, etc...

    "namespace": ...
    "metric": ...
    "unit": ...
    "value": ...
    "op": ...

Valid operations:

  • avg - Compute the average (default)
  • sum - Sum all samples
  • max - Only the max sample
  • min - Only the min sample

Valid unit:

  • Seconds
  • Microseconds
  • Milliseconds
  • Bytes
  • Kilobytes
  • Megabytes
  • Gigabytes
  • Terabytes
  • Bits
  • Kilobits
  • Megabits
  • Gigabits
  • Terabits
  • Percent
  • Count
  • Bytes/Second
  • Kilobytes/Second
  • Megabytes/Second
  • Gigabytes/Second
  • Terabytes/Second
  • Bits/Second
  • Kilobits/Second
  • Megabits/Second
  • Gigabits/Second
  • Terabits/Second
  • Count/Second

Close the agent

Just kill the agent with signals: interrupt or kill (sigint or sigkill)