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UpCloo Cocoa Touch SDK

This SDK is intented for iOS applications

Load the library

You can load the UpCloo Cocoa SDK in two ways:

  • Using sources directly
  • Load static library

The first method is pretty simple, copy all .h and .c files into your project and use it.

The second one is simple as well, move the .a into your framework group and move only .h header files into your project.

That's it no big deal!

Compile with ARC support

In order to compile the library into a project with ARC support you have to remove this one from UpCloo library. For do that simply open BuildPhases tab under main project settings and for all UpCloo's files add -fno-objc-arc property on Compile Source section.

Example of usage

First of all you have to require the SDK

#import "UpClooSDK.h"

That's load the library and you can use into your controllers.

Bootstrap UpCloo SDK

You have to set credentials during your bootstrap (application launch)

UpClooSDK *upcloo = [UpClooSDK sharedManger];
upcloo.sitekey = @"my-sitekey";
//password is useless for only-get apps
upcloo.password = @"my-password";

If you prefere you can use setCredential() method instead property setting.

[sharedManager setCredential: @"my-sitekey", @"my-password"];

Using the SDK for getting documents

UpCloo SDK use delegates for send messages asyncronously to your application. When you ask for a document (using get method), UpCloo SDK detach threads for process your request and only when the message is ready or error is returned call a delegate method.

Actually only two callback methods are available, one for all goes ok and one for show an error message.

Definition of callbacks are into UpClooGetDelegate protocol definition. For using you have to implements it at your controller and implements methods.


#import "UpClooGetDelegate.h"


@interface MyController : UIViewController <UpClooGetDelegate> {


- (void)upclooContentsReady:(UpClooDocuments *)documents 
    //Documents are available

- (void)upclooUnableToGetContentsWithMessage: (NSString *)message
    //Show the error or handle it

Documents structure (Get)

Documents are divided into two containers: UpClooDocuments and UpClooDocument. First type encapsulate the second one using an NSArray structure.

For that reason if you want to get elements you have to do:

//documents variable is a valid and filled UpClooDocuments instance
int i;
for (i=0; i<documents.documents.count; i++) {
    UpClooDocument *document = (UpClooDocument *)[documents.documents objectAtIndex: i];
    NSLog(@"%@", document.title);

Using SDK for posting documents (create/update)

Posting new documents or update olds you have to follow a similar flow as used during get flow.

First of all you have to fill a new UpClooModelDocument and request the indexing on UpClooManager shared manager. See it on an example:

UpClooModelDocument *model = [[UpClooModelDocument alloc] initWithIdAndTitle: @"post_14" : @"My title"];

model.url = @"";
model.content = @"This is the summary";
//Other fields of document model

[[UpClooManager sharedManager] postContent: model];

Calls are async as get calls. If you want you can register a delegate and listen for events. Two events are available: error, valid post content. For listen thoose events you have to implement the UpClooPutDelegate protocol.

That protocol have two methods: - (void)upclooUnableToPutThisContentWithMessage:(NSString *)message; that is called when an error occur or the method: - (void)upclooPutCompleted;. The last one is optional and that you can never implement this one.

Post/Put delegate

For post/put new contents or updates old ones, you have to register a delegate for post/put operation.

UpClooSDK *manager = [UpClooSDK sharedManager];
manager.putDelegate = self;

You have to be sure that your controller implements the put delegate protocol.

#import "UpClooPutDelegate.h"

@interface MyCotroller : UIViewController <UpClooPutDelegate> {
    - (void)upclooUnableToPutThisContentWithMessage:(NSString *)message
       //Unable to store this content

   //Optional method
   - (void)upclooPutCompleted
       //Sending OK

Now you are ready to get messages from UpCloo SDK.

Remember that method upclooPutCompleted is optional.

Unit Tests

All tests are into UpClooSDKTests folder