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UpCloo PHP SDK Build Status

This library is intended for working with PHP 5.2+

Getting started

$manager = UpCloo_Manager::getInstance();
//Setting up credentials

//Get correlation of the indexed content

See wiki pages for more information.

Library autoloader

This library provides a simple autoloader. You can require for UpCloo/Autoloader.php. That's it. See this running example:

require_once 'path/to/UpCloo/Autoloader.php';

//now the library is ready.

The UpCloo PHP Autoloader use a classmap method for links all dependencies.

How to use the PHAR package

First of all download the latest phar archive from the download section. After that you can use like this:

require_once 'upcloo-sdk.phar';

$manager = UpCloo_Manager::getInstance();

Consider that the PHAR archive autoload all the library by it self.

Running Tests & Reports

If you want to run tests and get the reports of coverage you can simply use the phpunit.

For more information on phpunit consider the project page

$ phpunit