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Convert an array or an object into a CSV line.
Stringifier = (csv) ->
@csv = csv
Write a line to the written stream. Line may be an object, an array or a string
The `preserve` argument is for line which are not considered as CSV data.
Stringifier.prototype.write = (line, preserve) ->
return if typeof line is 'undefined' or line is null
# Emit the record
unless preserve
try @csv.emit 'record', line, @csv.state.count
catch e then return @csv.error e
# Convert the record into a string
line = @csv.stringifier.stringify line
# Emit the csv
@csv.emit 'data', line
@csv.state.countWriten++ unless preserve
Stringifier.prototype.stringify = (line) ->
columns = or @csv.options.from.columns
delimiter = or @csv.options.from.delimiter
quote = or @csv.options.from.quote
escape = or @csv.options.from.escape
if typeof line is 'object'
unless Array.isArray line
_line = []
if columns
for i in [0...columns.length]
column = columns[i]
_line[i] = if (typeof line[column] is 'undefined' or line[column] is null) then '' else line[column]
for column of line
_line.push line[column]
line = _line
_line = null
else if
# We are getting an array but the user want specified output columns. In
# this case, we respect the columns indexes
if Array.isArray line
newLine = if @csv.state.countWriten then or "\n" else ''
for i in [0...line.length]
field = line[i]
if typeof field is 'string'
# fine 99% of the cases, keep going
else if typeof field is 'number'
# Cast number to string
field = '' + field
else if typeof field is 'boolean'
# Cast boolean to string
field = if field then '1' else ''
else if field instanceof Date
# Cast date to timestamp string
field = '' + field.getTime()
if field
containsdelimiter = field.indexOf(delimiter) >= 0
containsQuote = field.indexOf(quote) >= 0
containsLinebreak = field.indexOf("\r") >= 0 or field.indexOf("\n") >= 0
if containsQuote
regexp = new RegExp(quote,'g')
field = field.replace(regexp, escape + quote)
if containsQuote or containsdelimiter or containsLinebreak or
field = quote + field + quote
newLine += field
if i isnt line.length - 1
newLine += delimiter
line = newLine
else if typeof line is 'number'
line = ''+line
module.exports = (csv) -> new Stringifier csv
module.exports.Stringifier = Stringifier
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