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{EventEmitter} = require 'events'
The library extend the [EventEmitter][event] and emit the following events:
* *row*
Emitted by the parser on each line with the line content as an array of fields.
* *end*
Emitted when no more data will be parsed.
* *error*
Emitted when an error occured.
Parser = (csv) ->
@csv = csv
@options = csv.options.from
# Counter
@lines = 0
# Internal usage, state related
@buf = ''
@quoting = false
@commenting = false
@field = ''
@lastC = ''
@nextChar = null
@closingQuote = 0
@line = [] # Current line being processed
Parser.prototype.__proto__ = EventEmitter.prototype
Parse a string which may hold multiple lines.
Private state object is enriched on each character until
transform is called on a new line.
Parser.prototype.write = (chars, end) ->
ltrim = @options.trim or @options.ltrim
rtrim = @options.trim or @options.rtrim
chars = @buf + chars
l = chars.length
delimLength = if @options.rowDelimiter then @options.rowDelimiter.length else 0
i = 0
# Strip UTF-8 BOM
i++ if @lines is 0 and @options.encoding is 'utf8' and 0xFEFF is chars.charCodeAt 0
while i < l
# we stop if all are true
# - the last chars aren't the delimiters
# - this isnt the last line (the end argument)
break if (i+delimLength >= l and chars.substr(i, @options.rowDelimiter.length) isnt @options.rowDelimiter) and not end
# we stop if all are true
# - the last chars are an espace char
# - this isnt the last line (the end argument)
break if (i+@options.escape.length >= l and chars.substr(i, @options.escape.length) is @options.escape) and not end
char = if @nextChar then @nextChar else chars.charAt i
@lastC = char # this should be removed, only used in buggy end function
@nextChar = chars.charAt i + 1
# Auto discovery of rowDelimiter, unix, mac and windows supported
if not @options.rowDelimiter?
# First empty line
if (@field is '') and (char is '\n' or char is '\r')
rowDelimiter = char
nextNextCharPos = i+1
else if @nextChar is '\n' or @nextChar is '\r'
rowDelimiter = @nextChar
nextNextCharPas = i+2
if rowDelimiter
@options.rowDelimiter = rowDelimiter
@options.rowDelimiter += '\n' if rowDelimiter is '\r' and chars.charAt(nextNextCharPas) is '\n'
delimLength = @options.rowDelimiter.length
# Parse that damn char
# Note, shouldn't we have sth like chars.substr(i, @options.escape.length)
if char is @options.escape
# Make sure the escape is really here for escaping:
# If escape is same as quote, and escape is first char of a field
# and it's not quoted, then it is a quote
# Next char should be an escape or a quote
escapeIsQuote = @options.escape is @options.quote
isEscape = @nextChar is @options.escape
isQuote = @nextChar is @options.quote
if not ( escapeIsQuote and not @field and not @quoting ) and ( isEscape or isQuote )
char = @nextChar
@nextChar = chars.charAt i + 1
@field += char
if char is @options.quote
if @quoting
# Make sure a closing quote is followed by a delimiter
# If we have a next character and
# it isnt a rowDelimiter and
# it isnt an column delimiter and
# it isnt the begining of a comment
areNextCharsRowDelimiters = @options.rowDelimiter and chars.substr(i+1, @options.rowDelimiter.length) is @options.rowDelimiter
if not @options.relax and @nextChar and not areNextCharsRowDelimiters and @nextChar isnt @options.delimiter and @nextChar isnt @options.comment
return @error new Error "Invalid closing quote at line #{@lines+1}; found #{JSON.stringify(@nextChar)} instead of delimiter #{JSON.stringify(@options.delimiter)}"
@quoting = false
@closingQuote = i
else if not @field
@quoting = true
# Otherwise, treat quote as a regular character
# Between two columns
isDelimiter = (char is @options.delimiter)
isRowDelimiter = (@options.rowDelimiter and chars.substr(i, @options.rowDelimiter.length) is @options.rowDelimiter)
# Set the commenting flag
if not @commenting and not @quoting and char is @options.comment
@commenting = true
else if @commenting and isRowDelimiter
@commenting = false
if not @commenting and not @quoting and (isDelimiter or isRowDelimiter)
# Empty lines
if isRowDelimiter and @line.length is 0 and @field is ''
i += @options.rowDelimiter.length
@nextChar = chars.charAt i
if rtrim
if @closingQuote
@field = @field.substr 0, @closingQuote
@field = @field.trimRight()
@line.push @field
@closingQuote = 0
@field = ''
# End of row, flush the row
if isRowDelimiter
@emit 'row', @line
# Some cleanup for the next row
@line = []
i += @options.rowDelimiter.length
@nextChar = chars.charAt i
else if not @commenting and not @quoting and (char is ' ' or char is '\t')
# Discard space unless we are quoting, in a field
@field += char unless ltrim and not @field
else if not @commenting
@field += char
# Ok, maybe we still have some char that are left,
# we stored them for next call
@buf = ''
while i < l
@buf += chars.charAt i
Parser.prototype.end = ->
@write '', true
if @quoting
return @error new Error "Quoted field not terminated at line #{@lines+1}"
# dump open record
if @field or @lastC is @options.delimiter or @lastC is @options.quote
if @options.trim or @options.rtrim
@field = @field.trimRight()
@line.push @field
@field = ''
if @line.length > 0
@emit 'row', @line
@emit 'end', null
Parser.prototype.error = (e) ->
@emit 'error', e
module.exports = (csv) -> new Parser csv
module.exports.Parser = Parser
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