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Stream = require 'stream'
.on('item', callback)
.on('error', callback)
.on('end', callback)
.on('both', callback)
Chained and parallel async iterator in one elegant function
module.exports = (elements) ->
type = typeof elements
if elements is null or type is 'undefined' or type is 'number' or type is 'string' or type is 'function' or type is 'boolean'
elements = [elements]
else unless Array.isArray elements
isObject = true
keys = Object.keys elements if isObject
started = 0
done = 0
errors = []
total = if keys then keys.length else elements.length
parallel = 1
eacher = new Stream
eacher.paused = 0
eacher.readable = true
eacher.pause = ->
eacher.resume = ->
# eacher.destroy = ->
# nothing
eacher.parallel = (mode) ->
# Concurrent
if typeof mode is 'number' then parallel = mode
# Parallel
else if mode then parallel = total
# Sequential (in case parallel is called multiple times)
else parallel = 1
run = () ->
return if eacher.paused
# This is the end
if done is total or (errors.length and started is done)
eacher.readable = false
if errors.length
if parallel isnt 1
if errors.length is 1
then args = [errors[0], errors]
else args = [new Error("Multiple errors (#{errors.length})"), errors]
args = [errors[0]]
# emit error only if
# - there is an error callback
# - there is no error callback and no both callback
lerror = eacher.listeners('error').length
lboth = eacher.listeners('both').length
emitError = lerror or (not lerror and not lboth)
eacher.emit 'error', args... if emitError
args = []
eacher.emit 'end'
return eacher.emit 'both', args...
return if errors.length isnt 0
while Math.min( (parallel - started + done), (total - started) )
# Stop on synchronously sent error
break if errors.length isnt 0
# Time to call our iterator
if keys
then args = [next, keys[started], elements[keys[started]]]
else args = [next, elements[started], started]
eacher.emit 'item', args...
catch e
# prevent next to be called if an error occurend inside the
# error, end or both callbacks
next e if eacher.readable
# call()
next = (err) ->
errors.push err if err? and err instanceof Error
process.nextTick run
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