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fs = require 'fs'
mecano = require 'mecano'
each = require 'each'
date = -> d = (new Date).toISOString()
convert_anchor = (text) ->
re_anchor = /`([\w]+)\(/g
text.replace re_anchor, (str, code) ->
# At least in FF, <a href="" /> doesn't close the tag
"<a name=\"#{code}\"></a>`#{code}("
convert_code = (text) ->
re_code = /\n(\s{4}\s*?\w[\s\S]*?)\n(?!\s)/g
text.replace re_code, (str, code) ->
code = code.split('\n').map((line)->line.substr(4)).join('\n')
each( ['Client', 'Schema', 'Records'] )
.parallel( true )
.on 'item', (next, file) ->
source = "#{__dirname}/#{file}.coffee"
destination = "#{__dirname}/../docs/#{file.toLowerCase()}.md"
fs.readFile source, 'ascii', (err, content) ->
return console.error err if err
re = /###\n([\s\S]*?)\n( *)###/g
re_title = /([\s\S]+)\n={2}=+([\s\S]*)/g
match = re.exec content
# docs += match[1]
match = re_title.exec match[1]
docs = """
language: en
layout: page
title: "#{match[1]}"
date: #{date()}
comments: false
sharing: false
footer: false
navigation: ron
#{convert_code match[2]}
while match = re.exec content
# Unindent
match[1] = match[1].split('\n').map((line)->line.substr(4)).join('\n')
docs += convert_code convert_anchor match[1]
docs += '\n'
fs.writeFile destination, docs, next
.on 'both', (err) ->
return console.error err if err
console.log 'Documentation generated'
destination = process.argv[2]
return unless destination
each( ['index', 'client', 'schema', 'records'] )
.on 'item', (next, file) ->
source: "#{__dirname}/../docs/#{file}.md"
destination: destination
force: true
, next
.on 'both', (err) ->
return console.error err if err
console.log 'Documentation published'
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