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Redis ORM for NodeJs


npm install ron


ron = require('ron');
client = ron({
    redis_port: 6379
    redis_host: ''
    name: 'auth'
users = client.define('users');'id', {identifier: true});'username', {unique: true});'email', {index: true, email: true});'name', {});

The library provide

  • Simple & tested API
  • Sortable indexes and unique values
  • Records are pure object, no extended class, no magic properties

Client API

  • Client::constructor
  • Client::quit
  • Client::define

Schema API

  • Records::property
  • Records::identifier
  • Records::index
  • Records::unique
  • Records::email

Record API

  • Records::all
  • Records::count
  • Records::create
  • Records::exists
  • Records::get
  • Records::id
  • Records::list
  • Records::remove
  • Records::update

Run tests

Start a redis server (tested against version 2.9.0) on the default port

redis-server ./conf/redis.conf

Run the test suite with expresso:

expresso -s
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