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should = require 'should'
try config = require '../conf/test' catch e
ron = require '../index'
describe 'remove', ->
client = Users = null
before (next) ->
client = ron config
Users = client.get 'users'
Users.identifier 'user_id'
Users.unique 'username'
Users.index 'email'
Users = client.get 'users'
beforeEach (next) ->
Users.clear next
after (next) ->
client.quit next
it 'should remove a record if providing an identifier', (next) ->
Users.create {
username: 'my_username'
email: ''
password: 'my_password'
}, (err, user) ->
# Delete record based on identifier
Users.remove user.user_id, (err, count) ->
should.not.exist err
count.should.eql 1
# Check record doesn't exist
Users.exists user.user_id, (err, exists) ->
should.not.exist exists
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