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Check redid keys after each test

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commit 2dfd45efa6c8f6df6cb9f1c8ff4d1fca0a73259d 1 parent f67a76d
@wdavidw authored
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4 test/
@@ -34,12 +34,12 @@ describe 'update', ->
Users.update [{email: ''}], (err, users) ->
# Todo, could be "Record without identifier or unique properties
err.message.should.eql 'Invalid record, got {"email":""}'
- next()
+ Users.clear next
it 'should use unique index and fail because the provided value is not indexed', (next) ->
Users.update [{username: 'missing'}], (err, users) ->
err.message.should.eql 'Unsaved record'
- next()
+ Users.clear next
describe 'unique', ->
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