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should = require 'should'
shell = require '..'
styles = require '../lib/styles'
describe 'req confirm', ->
it 'should provide a boolean', (next) ->
stdin = new shell.NullStream
stdout = new shell.NullStream
stdout.on 'data', (data) ->
return unless data.trim()
styles.unstyle(data).should.eql 'Do u confirm? [Yn] '
@answer = not @answer
stdin.emit 'data', new Buffer(if @answer then 'y\n' else 'N\n')
app = shell
workspace: "#{__dirname}/plugins_http"
command: 'test string'
stdin: stdin
stdout: stdout
app.configure ->
app.use shell.router shell: app
app.cmd 'test string', (req, res) ->
req.confirm 'Do u confirm?', (value) ->
value.should.eql true
req.confirm 'Do u confirm?', (value) ->
value.should.eql false
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