Shoutcast browser and player for SailfishOS
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A Shoutcast player for SailfishOS. It is a simple but effective one.

I use and develop it on my Oneplus One.

See the screenshots directory for how it looks.

A package can be found in my OBS repository.



  • Browse by Genre
  • List Top 500
  • Search by 'Now Playing' or Keywords
  • Tune in on a Station
  • Pause/Play


  • Press a Station will start playing it
  • A busy indicator will spin around the play Button while buffering.
  • A white bar at the top of the player area indicates the buffering progress.
  • Swipe the player area left/right will load previous/next Station (only for pages having a Station list). When swiped away the player can be restored using one of the pull/push menus
  • When configured to do so instead of playing a stream in the built in player it will call openUri on a MPris Player.
  • Cover page buttons allow play/pause/prev/next
  • Mpris controls (for example on lock page) allow play/pause/prev/next


This project is developed with the Sailfish OS IDE (QT Creator).


Translation is done using Qt Quick Internationalisation. If you want to contribute a translation take shoutcast-sailfish.ts and create a version for your locale.


Sorry but I do not accept any donations. I really appreciate the gesture but it is a hobby that I am able to do because others are investing their time as well.

If someone wants to show appreciation for my work by a donation then I suggest to help support


  • Shoutcast: fantastic radio directory
  • nesnomis: harbour-allradio
  • Romain Pokrzywka: JSONListModel
  • Stefan Goessner: JSONPath
  • Gregor Santner & Sergejs Kovrovs: SwipeArea
  • igh0zt: app icon