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STAPLR: Sounds in Time Actively Performing Library Reference





  • 22 Feb 2021: “Vexation After Vexation 1.0”
  • xx Feb 2021: “Phasers on Satie (Long Phase) 1.2”
  • 16 Oct 2019: “Library Silences 0.5”
  • 25 Aug 2016: “Drone Swell Chord 1.1”
  • 11 Jan 2016: launched

Ideas for future sounds

  • In C (record a lot of them then play them all on top of each other—Music at the Same Time)
  • One sound, but extended or shorted (like “Convergence Machine,” sort of), perhaps Bach’s first cello suite
  • Bird song, so it sounds like a single bird or the whole dawn chorus.
  • Move through the circle of fifths, or some other progression
  • Tick per minute as a basis to really keep things locked.
  • Tristan: the Tristan chord (in different octaves), note by note
  • Staplers: samples of staplers from the different libraries, making a percussive cacophany