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Easy backup script for Meteor App


  1. Create a backup directory where you want to store your backup. EG. /backup
  2. Change the variable of the script to your liking.
  • dbName is the name of the MongoDB base.
  • cfsLoc is the location of your CFS directory if needed.
  • curdate is the date command format you want to use.
  • backupLoc is the directory you've created to store your backup.
  1. Set a cron to run the script when you want. EG.

0 2 * * 0 sh /backup/ >> /backup/logs 2>&1 for every monday at 2:00 AM.

  1. You should REALLY add a SCP or any other way to extract your backup from the server

Manual Backup

If your backup are store in /backup, as root, run the following command:

sh /backup/ >> /backup/logs 2>&1

Manual Restore

If your backup are store in /backup, as root, run the following commands where 11-11-11 is the backup date:

  • tar -xf mongo-11-11-11.tar.gz -C mongo-11-11-11
  • mongorestore --dir mongo-11-11-11
  • tar -xf cfs-11-11-11.tar.gz -C cfs-11-11-11
  • cp -r cfs-11-11-11 /opt/mywebsite/cfs
  • rm -r mongo-11-11-11 cfs-11-11-11

To restore in dev environment :

  • mongorestore --dir mongo-11-11-11/SITENAME -h IPADDRESS --port PORT -d DATABASENAME