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This repo contains DIY soylent recipes I've developed, cross-posted from my food blog. I'm putting them here for three reasons:

  1. Many programmers are interested in soylent.
  2. Recipes benefit from version control, despite not being code.
  3. I plan to flesh this out by adding JSON objects with nutritional data on ingredients in this recipe, and perhaps Ruby/Rails code to make it easier to develop future recipes.

If you don't know what soylent is, visit


  • [Hackerschool Soylent] – optimized for being easy to make
  • [Bark & Twig Soylent] - optimized for being made of minimally processed ingredients


I am using a modified version of semantic versioning for new recipe development. Basically, I will increment the "patch" (last) version when making simple quantity changes to existing ingredients, the "minor" (middle) version when making minor changes to the instructions, and the "major" (first) version when making significant changes to the instructions (i.e. using qualitatively different techniques or equipment) or when adding new ingredients.


Thanks to anyone who has beta tested or otherwise given feedback on these recipes, including but not limited to Erika, Al Carter, Eddie, Darshan, and Lyra. And to Rob for coming up with this entire idea.



Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.