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iSuperColliderKit(iSCKit) is SuperCollider Engine on iOS App using Obj-C or Swift.
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iSuperColliderKit (iSCKit)


"iSCKit" is SuperCollider on iOS7 later, it forked "supercollider iOS" project.


  1. Download or Clone the project.

iSCKit (static libraries)

  1. Launch iSCKit.xcodeproj using XCode Location : [project root] > [projects] > [iSCKit] > iSCKit.xcodeproj

  2. Select 'iSCKit' scheme XCode launching, please select target 'iSCKit' scheme and select 'iOS Device' (not Simulators). (iSCKit can use on iOS devices only, cannot use on iOS Simulators).

  3. Run It generate 'libsndfile', 'libscsynth' and 'libiSCKit' on [lib] direcotry.
    Please make sure that generate 3 static library files above.
    Location : [project root] > [lib]

iSCApp (iOS app)

This project is sample app using iSCKit. It is done getting ready to use iSCKit.

  1. Launch iSCApp.xcodeproj using XCode It need to already generate 'libsndfile', 'libscsynth' and 'libiSCKit'.
    Location : [project root] > [projects] > [iSCApp] > iSCApp.xcodeproj

  2. Run iSCKit must use iOS devices.
    If this process succeed, iSCKit is available.

  3. Check Supercollider Log Please make sure suppercollider log message on this app, then select 'live' tab, iSCApp sound sine wave ( {}.play ).

Setting Details

  1. Project Location Project directory must be located same position of iSCKit directory like to iSCApp directory.

  2. 'Header Search Path' (Build Settings) Add [project root] > [iSupercolliderKit] path. ex. $(PROJECT_DIR)/../../

  3. 'Library Search Path' (Build Settings) Add [project root] > [lib] path.
    ex. $(PROJECT_DIR)/../../iSupercolliderKit/lib

  4. 'Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting' (Build Setting) Set 'YES'.

  5. 'PreProcessor Macros' (Build Setting) Set 'SC_IPHONE' on 'Debug', and 'SC_IPHONE NDEBUG' on 'Release'.

  6. 'Other Linker Flags' (Build Setting) Add '-lsndfile -lscsynth -liSCKit'.

  7. Copy and add 'SCClassLibrary' directory in iSCApp directory. When you add this directory on xcode, please select 'Create folder reference'.

  8. Add Frameworks below. AVFoundation.framework

If you use Swift language, please add libstdc++.dylib.

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