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PComp Midterm Project for ITP

Authors: William Lindmeier, Harry How and Max Ma

More information on this project can be found here:


The desktop app is in Cinder/Laser Cat Server/xcode

The final Arduino sketch (for the car) is in Arduino/XBeeSerialCar

uvc-ctrl is included in the root directory to control the webcam exposure and focus.


Press 'esc' to get the configuration interface. This lets you define the color ranges.
Press 'r' 'g' or 'b' to view the color detection for red, green or blue respectively.
Press 'space' to get back to full color view.
The above configurations will be saved to ~/Documents/lasercat_settings.csv


Install Cinder:

Install the OpenCV Cinder block. (instructions are at the bottom of the Cinder install page)

Set your CINDER_PATH at the bottom of the Build Settings tab of Cinder/LCTracker/xcode/LCTracker.xcodeproj
    NOTE: replace "harry" with whatever your system username is. Mine is "bill".

The app should run at this point
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