A(nother) cookiecutter template for pip-installable python projects
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CookieCutter Pip-Project

A cookiecutter template for python projects intended to be pip-installed


Inspired by: sloria

Using CookieCutter for your project

$ pip install cookiecutter
$ cookiecutter https://github.com/wdm0006/cookiecutter-pipproject.git

You will be asked about your basic info (name, project name, app name, etc.). This info will be used in your new project.

Publishing your project to pypi

There are two ways to publish your project:

  • the manual way, outlined here
  • and with pypi-publisher ppp


The goal of this project is simply to take some of the boiler plate out of creating a new python project. It is intended to stay pretty minimal, but contains everything needed to make a project that includes:

  • Sphinx documentation
  • Installable via pip in pypi
  • Testing via Nose and Coverage

In the future, we may include some other things like:

  • basic travic ci configuration
  • anything else you think might make sense (open up an issue with ideas).


The intent of this project is to stay fairly lean, but if you have any suggestions or would like to help out, please let me know.


BSD licensed.