Small util to calculate available free space in mach-o binaries for code injection
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|     |___| |___|   __|___ ___ ___ ___ 
|   --| .'| |  _|__   | . | .'|  _| -_|
|_____|__,|_|___|_____|  _|__,|___|___|
(c) fG!, 2012 -

This is a small utility that I used to calculate available free space in mach-o binaries
to be used for code injection.

It features an interactive mode or command line options. Run without options to enter the interactive mode.

This version only supports targets that use the normal application bundle structure.
Isolated binaries are not supported for now.

PowerPC binaries are not analyzed, only Intel 32/64bits and iOS.

Distorm3 dynamic library is required for the NOP space analysis (

UThash is also used but the necessary files are already included (

The excel options will output information in a easy to import Excel format so you can do some graphs.

Enjoy it,